Rear Bumper Bars: What You Need To Know About Them?


You have invested so much in your vehicle, and you would want it to run seamlessly without any scratch. One of the ways to ensure the vehicle’s safety is by choosing to invest in bumper bars. You can install them on the front, and there are rear bumper bars installed on the backside of the vehicle. The function of these is almost the same. It must protect the vehicle in case of collision.

Rear bumper bars are made of different materials, like plastic, aluminium, synthetic materials or steel. Each of these has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and hence before installation, you must check with the local supplier whether the bulbar they will be using adheres to all the legal compliances. Also, you must check the weight of the rear bumper bar. The front and the back of the car must be balanced to enjoy a good ride. In this blog, we are going to discuss the key benefits of bumper bars.

Why Are Rear Bumper Bars Important?

Rear Bumper Bars

Reduces Whiplash 

The primary objective of installing a rear bumper bar is to protect the vehicle in case of a jolt. These are made from shock-absorbing materials, thus assuring that the vehicle’s body remains un-impacted. It also prevents the impact of accidents. The vertical bars absorb the shock, thus ensuring that the occupant of the vehicle is unharmed. You can easily find bumper bars which have a good shock-absorbing capacity. There are rubber pads available in the market. When comparing them with the foam-filled ones, rubber pads don’t offer a good shock-absorbing capacity.  

Saves The Cost 

A scratch on the car is very common, and sometimes it becomes so evident that you have to take your vehicle for repainting. This amounts to good money, and if you want to save on this amount, the best way would be to install a rear bumper bar. This not only prevents the physical damage to the vehicle, but it also prevents the scratch. Scratches are very common, and sometimes, the damage can be pretty much evident. In such a case, you have to get the repair done. Not anymore with the foam guard. You don’t have to worry about it. The guard acts as a barrier and prevents damage to the vehicle, thus preventing the cause of repainting.

Meet The Federal Safety Standard

Certain legal compliances are associated with the bumper parts. For example, any kind of bumper should be 16-20 inches above the surface of the road. Also, it should be strong enough to withstand any impact across the width of the bumper and the corners. The impact speed across the bumper’s width should be 2mph, while the corners should be 1 mph impact speed. The following bumpers don’t meet the federal safety standards, and hence you must check for the quality of the bumper bars before installing them.  

Adds To The Vehicle Visual Appeal

Rear Bumper Bars

Another advantage of the rear bumper bars is that they are available in different styles, so you can choose the one that best matches your vehicle. Irrespective of the colour you choose, the bumper bar should be of the best quality because its prime purpose is to prevent the impact on the vehicle in case of collision.

Now that you know about the benefits of the rear bumper bars, you must choose the best quality ones to ensure that it stays on for long, adds to the aesthetic appeal, and primarily reduces the impact in case of an accident. However, there are certain legal compliances when it comes to the installation of the bumper bars. Hence, you must check with the local seller before investing in it.


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