Top Reasons To Get Logbook Service For Your Vehicle


It is always a good idea to keep your vehicle in top condition instead of later paying for heavy repairs. This why getting a logbook service can prove to be beneficial for your vehicle. It is a very proactive approach that helps car owners save a lot of money in the long run. Usually, regular maintenance and small fixes can keep your vehicle running and avoid major breakdowns.

It is also a particularly good way to ensure that small problems do not escalate into something major. Sometimes a loose nut or a frayed wiring can lead to issues that are awfully expensive to repair. While fixing these minor issues in the beginning can save you a lot of money in repair costs. These minor checks include replacing the worn-out brake pads of your vehicle and filling up the transmission fluids.

They will also inspect the serpentine belts and the shock absorbers to see if any replacements or repairs are necessary. Having a well-maintained Logbook also increases the resale value of your car. Whenever anyone is buying a car, they want a car that has been well maintained.

Use your logbook and claim your warranty.

Logbook Service

Whenever you buy a car or any commercial vehicle, you will be provided with a Logbook by the manufacturer. This will contain all the details including the specific time intervals and agenda of your regular logbook service. Many car owners think that they have to visit the dealership for services if they want to keep their vehicle’s warranty valid. But this is not true. Under Australian Law you can get your car serviced from any mechanic or service centre if they are qualified to do the service.

This does not affect your warranty. In fact, maintaining car according to the logbook requirements will ensure that your car’s warranty gets upheld if the car suffers from any malfunction or manufacturer’s defect. The Logbook also has a box after every service that needs to be stamped by the mechanic or service centre.

Many people believe that this stamp has to be done by the authorized dealer. This is not true. According to the law any independent service centre or mechanic can stamp this label if they are qualified to do so. This will by no means affect the manufacturer’s warranty. You simply have to get your car serviced at a shop that is qualified to carry out logbook service.  However, if the center is not authorized you will lose your warranty.

Choose the right service center for logbook service

Logbook Service

There are many mechanics and service centers that will do regular services, but they are not certified to carry out logbook service. You must find the right mechanic who is not only qualified but also has enough expertise to carry out the service efficiently. There are social media handles and bloggers who constantly review these shops and post about their experience.

You can check out some of these reviews to find the right service station. You must be patient and do some research and possibly try out a few mechanics before you can find someone that works best for you. You should pick a service station that has qualified mechanics and equipment. The shop should provide high-quality service at affordable costs. You should check out the different services offered by the service station before making a booking.

When listing a car with all the service records and a well-maintained logbook you will be able to fetch higher prices. Many people get regular logbook service only to increase the after-sales value.


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