Top Things to Check Before Moving to Stay Near RMIT University


Melbourne is home to RMIT University’s Brunswick and City campuses. If you are newly enrolled in any of these campuses, you would probably be looking for a perfect location and accommodation near RMIT University.

From student halls to private student accommodations like, student houses, and more, there are numerous options you can choose from. But, without a yardstick, selecting a location can be challenging.

Here are some of the top things to check before moving to stay near RMIT University.

RMIT University
SAB Swanston Street, City Campus

Proximity and Location

You may have already made plans to stay near RMIT University. Still, remember that not all student accommodations are situated close to the university, be it the Brunswick Campus or the City Campus. So, it is essential to check your potential property’s location before you set the moving date.

Apart from RMIT University’s distance, also consider the distance to transport links, supermarkets, and other social bubbles. In case you find a property close to local amenities, you can cut down spending on travel costs.

Flagstaff Gardens is one such prime place near the RMIT University’s Brunswick campus hosting the iconic Queen Victoria Market and a series of transportation links for train and tram rides.

Local Amenities

As you will be staying near the Brunswick or city campus for months or even years, you will also have to go out to buy groceries or medicines, apart from attending your classes. To experience convenience while living near RMIT University, check for nearby establishments in the neighbourhood.

The place you choose should be reachable to hospitals, pharmacies, and supermarkets like Coles Spencers, EzyMart, etc. If possible, check whether these local amenities are open 24/7 since your classes can sometimes even end late during the day.

The Safety Factor

When talking about safety, some student accommodation locations are safer than others. Melbourne is generally a very safe and vibrant city offering world-class study options, infrastructure, stability, and more. However, finding accommodation in a secure neighbourhood is still paramount.

Think about the area you are choosing near Brunswick Campus or South Yarra and the property’s security measures. It is something you should look into to ensure personal safety while staying near RMIT University.

Public Transport Options

Though Melbourne is known for the trams, there are no shortages of buses and trains either. Both the RMIT University campuses are well connected from Melbourne’s different parts through the Public Transport Victoria Network.

Options to Explore the City

If you are an international student enrolled in RMIT University, remember this is an excellent opportunity to explore Melbourne’s culture. For this, you must find accommodation which has a good community and support system.

Once you befriend roommates from your accommodation, you can plan your outings to St. Kilda Beach, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island, and more. So, find a property with good communal areas like a games room, gym or on-site cinema, to meet new people and friends to make plans to explore the city with.

Keeping these checks in mind, choose the suitable accommodation near RMIT University and enjoy your weekends listening to live music near The Corner Hotel, and admire the artworks on the streets near Fitzroy with your friends.


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