Why Logbook Service Is Essential For Your Vehicle?


If you are a vehicle owner, you would have often heard about logbook. It is basically a guide provided by the vehicle manufacturing company which has complete details about the recommended services. It lets you know what is the right time for every service and adhering to it will ensure that your vehicle is always in good condition.

If your car is still under warranty, then you would necessarily require to maintain your logbook service and at the same time keep a record of the same.

There are numerous good reasons why the logbook service is specifically necessary for the new cars and all of them relate to saving some serious money during your tenure of owning the vehicle.

Let us have a close look at some of the ways by which logbook service can save you a lot of money.

Benefits Of Logbook Service:

Logbook Service

Claiming Against Warranty

If something happens to your car whether it is your fault or somebody else’s fault, you would certainly want to claim the company for the repairs if your car is under warranty.

In such instances, the insurance company will check if you have got the services of the vehicle done from time to time, there are good chances that you would cover the repair under warranty.

During those two years of owning a new car, the most crucial aspect in your vehicle servicing is the replacement of the filter and engine oil. This is to be kept in mind that the engine oil is most likely to undergo wear during the early life of the vehicle.

This is due to the microscopic machining “burrs” which are being worn away as the engine goes on doing its job for some days. You should necessarily adhere to the servicing schedule in order to avoid the knockback for items like engine oil leaks which are likely to happen more often.

Contrary to what most people believe, the experts strongly recommend taking your car to some local independent mechanic for the purpose of servicing while the car is still under warranty. The reasoning for the same is that on countless occasions the dealers do not mention the issues to the customers even when they recognize the problems.

The reason for the same is that under warranty, there is no financial gain in fixing up the problems.

An independent mechanic would neutrally identify the issues in a car even under the warranty period.

So, you can make it a point to get your car checked by an independent mechanic at least once during the warranty period of the car.

For Achieving The Best Resale Price

A well-maintained vehicle is always in good condition, it has high running efficiency, thus ensuring that you get a good resale value for your vehicle.

The best way is to prove to the potential buyer is to show them your logbook. This is true because each time you have a logbook service, your logbook is completed & stamped by the concerned mechanic in the service centre and this also proves to the buyer that the car is completely maintained.

To Cut Down The Repair Costs Of Your Car

Logbook Service

As with all other vehicles, no matter whether the car is under warranty or not, the regular servicing will certainly extend the car’s life and also cut down on the repairs in the future. Out of the different repair scenarios on a car, this is cheaper than replacing a component in the car. Thus, logbook service maintains your car in a tiptop and perfect condition because the car is automatically serviced by a qualified mechanic as per the usual schedules.


You need to ensure that you’ve each & every logbook car service is performed on time and by doing so you will perfectly save yourself from certain serious monetary expensed in the near future. So, make the best use of your car logbook, maintain this logbook and sticking to the standards specified by the company, you would be able to keep your car in the best condition.


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