5 Signs Your Bristol Garden Has a Pest Problem


Your garden will be full of wildlife, and it will likely be home to a range of different insects. However, there can come a time when certain creatures turn into a pest-level threat that can undo all of your hard work. Luckily, there are ways to spot signs of garden pests to let you get ahead of the problem.

Pest Problem

Strange Odours, Small Footprints, and Bite Marks

Rats may start with a home in your garden, but it won’t be long until they move inside. Evidence of rats in your garden includes:

  • Rat nests
  • Droppings in the garden
  • Chew marks on plastic, aluminium, and other tough materials
  • Burrows, depending on the species
  • Strong smells of ammonia

There are tactics you can use to remove the rats, but you’re best off using a Bristol Pest Controller to ensure nests are completely cleared. If you spot signs of rats in your garden, you need to act quickly to fortify your home by sealing off all entry points. For expert support keeping rats at bay, look for a company offering pest control in Bristol, such as Advance Pest Control Bristol.

Persistent Buzzing and Swarming

If you have a wasp infestation in your garden, they’ll let you know with their persistent buzzing. As well as potentially giving you a nasty sting, wasps will damage your beloved plants. If you don’t make an effort to remove wasps from your garden, they may start nesting in your home, which will mean bringing in expert Bristol pest control.

Chew Marks on Leaves

When you start to notice a pattern of irregular chew marks scattered across leaves, you’ve most likely got sawflies in your garden. They like to eat leaves, but they won’t go all the way around to leave a clear hole, which is why the pattern will seem irregular in shape. As well as the visible signs on leaves, you’ll likely see swarms of sawflies hanging out around your garden.

Holes In the Middle of Leaves

If you’re finding holes in the middle of leaves, the chances are that your garden has been invaded by Japanese beetles. These critters like to eat around the veins of leaves, which creates noticeable holes in the middle. Even though bugs have to eat somewhere, it can be problematic for gardeners because they feast on flower and vegetable leaves.

An Abundance of Ladybugs

Ladybugs are pretty critters that don’t really cause an issue on their own. However, if you’re seeing an unusually large amount of them, then your garden is likely home to one of their favourite foods – aphids. These small bugs like to suck the sap from plants, which can distort the leaves, stunt growth, and weaken your plants.

Your garden will be home to countless critters, but uncontrollable measures can become problematic for your plants. Remember, if you spot signs of rats or wasps, then it’s most likely time to call your local Bristol Pest Control. A Pest Controller Bristol will help you eliminate the issue before they enter your home.