Social Blade Reviews 2021: Details, Stats & Features


Social Blade is an American site that tracks social media analytics and statistics. Social Blade primarily tracks the Twitter platform but has detailed information about Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Live, Mixer, Dailymotion, DNews, and YouTube itself. The Social Blade dashboard is easy to use for users. It lets you view your account details, search for relevant content, get daily stats, and create links directly to your own content from Social Blade.

Social Blade

User’s Network Details:

The Social Blade dashboard starts with the user’s network details. These include the number of people that have followed them, as well as the number of “friends” or fans. Some interesting statistics regarding these networks are shown on the Social Blade website. The “number of posts” provides a good indication of how active the person’s account is, while the “number of visitors” provides insight into how popular their account is.

Latest Update:

The next section of the Social Blade dashboard shows the latest updates. This includes RSS feeds for content tracked from all social networks, as well as statistics relating to how many visitors have been directed to the blog through search engines. This section is extremely useful for monitoring the performance of an individual blog since it shows how many people are searching for specific terms related to the content within the blog.

This is particularly useful for those who wish to target a specific audience, such as those who are interested in writing about gardening. In addition to this, Google Analytics provides the ability to view visitor behavior on individual pages, as well as tracking through cookies.

Social Blade includes a plug-in that enables visitors to track their browsing actions, which can reveal which pages the visitor clicks on most frequently, which sites they frequent the most, what pages they visit most often, and the average time spent on each page.


Users can drill down into the Social Blade dashboard using the keyboard shortcuts on the right side of the screen. This brings up a number of different options, one of which is the option to display the number of people who are following the blog. This statistic provides insight into whether or not users are actively connecting with the blog via social media, and whether or not users are actively promoting the blog through social networking.


The Social Blade widget allows users to interact with the blog through a user interface similar to Twitter. A user can browse through the various posts within the blog and tweets, as well as interact with other users. This interactive component is very similar to that of the Tweetdeck platform. However, the Social Blade has a number of distinct advantages over Twitter. For example, the blog does not restrict the authorial voice, as is the case with Twitter. The blog allows users to upload their own content and comments, and the blog allows users to broadcast content and comments to their friends.

This feature also allows users to see if a blog author has created any content related to keywords in the Social Blade itself. Additionally, Social Blade displays the RSS feed for the blog, which allows users to subscribe to the blog directly from the WordPress dashboard. This functionality allows users to obtain updated news regarding specific blog topics even when away from the computer. This RSS feed is available to all users, and it provides a link to the blog on social media sites.

Mark Friends:

Similar to the feature of sharing articles on social media sites, users can mark their friends in order to make it easier to connect with them. This function is similar to that which is found in the Notes widget on the iPhone, allowing users to mark colleagues in order to send them a private message or an email. Marking a person in this way allows for more personal interaction, which is important to some business owners.


One of the biggest drawcards of Social Blade is that it is cross-platform compatible. This allows users to use the software for PC, Mac, and Linux computers. It also allows users to access their blogs across multiple platforms and to share content across these platforms without having to deal with coding. For businesses, using Social Blade on their blogs allows users to add social elements to their content and to improve search engine optimization. This is possible due to the fact that Social Blade automatically publishes content across multiple social websites.


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