Things You Should Consider While Making Your Dream Music Studio


People are readily welcoming the idea of having a dream studio at home. Having their own space for their creativity is the dream of anyone who loves their work and is passionate about their art. There is no doubt that opening a music studio is a challenge and is not a task to be undertaken by anyone and everyone.

Getting studio built shall make you realize that having the music skills is not enough, and you also require the budgeting skills to get your dreams to turn into reality. This provides them with a lot of benefits and peace than the studio they set up away from home.

The best part of a perfect music studio is the acoustic enclosures and acoustic studio doors. One of the best things about the music studio at home is that you are free to create and compose music at your will, when you have time and when you feel that creative.

It is believed that creativity has no time and date; one can get the best of ideas while they are sleeping, watching a movie for recreation or cooking in the kitchen.

There is no specific time; so, having a studio at home that gives you the liberty to work according to your will has the potential of dream studio. But let’s look into the details of how to make your dream music studio:

Music Studio

Below are the Things to Consider While making Your Dream Music Studio:-

Have a budget and plan of action

Having a music studio is not an easy job; neither is it a cheap job. The music studio is all about equipment, software, computers, monitors and instruments used by the music composers. But the most important thing about the studios is that they need acoustic treatment. They must have specific acoustic doors for recording studios.

The best way to have estimation is to make a list of things that are required to make an acoustic studio, including the furniture, cables, and acoustic enclosures.

The best advice to be given is that try to stick to the budget, the best way to do so is that never buy on the go else you shall surely fall off the budget, you should have a specific plan of action from buying the acoustic studio doors to decorating the entire music studio of your dreams.

There are so many requirements to be fulfilled that a person has to be careful with the expenses because he has to spend a penny on everything beginning from the equipment, wiring or décor.

Stay focused

One must know what the purpose of your studio is? Are you planning to record voice-overs or produce music? The purpose of the studio shall decide the way it is to be constructed and designed. There shall be different wiring system and décor for different purposes like the band, voice-overs or music production.

If the studio is to be built for the electronic musicians, their studio must be a bit isolated with a perfect monitoring system. They can also lookup for acousticenclosures.

If the studio is to be built for voice recording, certain things are to be kept in mind. They must invest in a quality mic, preamp and the studio must be built in such a way that there is complete silence in the studio and the noise can be kept at bay by fixing the acoustic studio doors.

And if a music studio is to be owned by a band, they need a series of mics, processors and preamps for all the members of the band.The need for a soundproof room is much more needed in this case.

That is why it is advised to keep track of your needs far ahead than you start the construction of your studio. Else you may realize that there is not enough space in the room for the equipment just because you did not think enough and smartly.

Secure the permit

Taking permissions from the authorities is one of the things that are important and necessarily required to keep the system going. It is essential to have the right to construct, design and remodel the rooms if you are changing a room in a building into a studio.

There is a lot of difference between the music studio and a general room, so it required a lot of changes and construction. Advance permissions from the county code are important else they shall create trouble in the middle of the work, and that shall be more harmful and stressful.

They can go up to the extent of getting your work stopped completely or shut down for that matter. To get rid of these problems, it is better to do the homework, be aware of the rules and regulations and follow them.

The people must take the required permissions and avoid the problems from the authorities else they create a lot of nuisance, and the fine they shall charge is not to be mentioned.

Be careful about the wiring system

A few things that are not related to the sound of the music studio like the wiring system; a music studio is full of power outlets since each gear needs a separate electronic outlet.

More than one studio walls require wall plates so that multiple mics can be used at once. If this is not done, then the wires will be needed to run from one room to another.

And several wires jumbled together do not look good, neither do they serve the purpose because the doors are to be opened and no isolation is an integral part of a music studio.

So, no stone shall be left unturned to provide you with the best-designed music studio that you have dreamed of.

Comfort is the priority

The studio is, without doubt, a creative space and the people who are getting it ready are doing so because they shall have to spend much time in the studio, so they get it constructed and designed according to their taste.

But besides, the design, the person must keep in mind that the studio is comfortable as well. All the equipment including the mic, mouse and monitors must be placed at a proper height that the hands are in a neutral position and there is no extra strain on the eyes or throat of the person while using monitors or recording voice-overs.

All the gears must be placed at an easily accessible place, and the studio must be adequately lighted. Keep in mind that the things that are to be used regularly are kept forward so that they are not able to break the workflow.

There might be times that you might have to spend the entire day in the studio, so take time, explore and invest in decorating it in such a way that your mind doesn’t get bored from working at one place continuously.

Music Studio 1

Have a quiet space

Music studio is all about sound, music and recording. But that does not mean that it is to be situated between the noisy cities or along the streets. Therefore, it is essential that before you start designing the room or decorating it by fixing the equipment, make sure that it is good enough to make your music sound good.

The studio must be soundproof and even the doors. For that case, one can get an acoustic door for a recording studio that is specifically designed to keep the sound at bay and keep the room quiet.

One must find all the cracks and seal that might be there and get them sealed because sound can leak from the smallest of holes. One can also get the sound absorbers and bass straps or diffusers installed to make the room entirely acoustic.

One pro tip is that furniture like bookshelves act as excellent sound diffusers and the large windows can be covered by heavy curtains to tighten the sound of the room.

Choose the location wisely

Location and space is also an important point to be considered. That can be decided once the owner of the music studio decides how much space he needs for his dream studio. Space is another thing, but the location is also a thing. It is advised that the person chooses the location wisely.

If space is chosen at the wrong location, building the music studio becomes much challenging than it is supposed to be. One must choose the location that is away from traffic, airports or railway stations.

Though the rooms shall be acoustic and soundproof, a disturbing environment becomes a frustration. Significant issues have been covered, and pro tips or advice have been given that can be followed by spending a few pennies or for free.

That is why this article shall be of great help for all the people that are considering the idea of getting a music studio for their passion or their dreams. It should be done with great care and precaution because it demands both investments of time and money.


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