Top 10 Styling Tips for Men & Women


The dressing is not just about covering the body. It speaks volumes about your personality and mood. For example, people will assume that you are neat if you always show up smartly dressed no matter the occasion. Dressing matters to both men and women. Despite this, achieving that stylish look every day may be challenging to master and maintain. 

If you care about your outward appearance and class, we recommend the following ten styling tips for men & women.

Wear Fitting Clothes

Find that fitting yet no so tight cloth that goes right with your body. For a man, jeans should not be baggy, T-shirts should not resemble a tent, and the tucked-in dress shirts must be your size. Similarly, women should also wear fitting clothes.

You do not want to walk around with baggy trousers that hide your figure and make you look older than your age. We recommend that when you find a pair of shorts or pants that fit you well, buy at least two.

Just select a different pattern or color while keeping in mind that you will wear that clothing for some time.

Know-How to Match Outfit and Occasion

Fashion is evolving every day. It’s for this reason that people of today don’t dress like those in the 1890s. Similarly, the etiquette around styling and fashion always changes. While there are outfits that you can wear anywhere, some look great for certain occasions.

You don’t want to put on the same outfit at a funeral and at a wedding. This is why it’s important that you understand the nature of the occasion to help you pick a perfect outfit. So, before you put on the outfit, make sure you do some research to find out which one will make a great selection.

Blazers can Transform Your Wardrobe

Blazers can Transform Your Wardrobe

A cute dark navy blue or black blazer for men and a blue, black or pink one for women is a must-have. For both men and women, you can match blazers with officials and casual. You can dress it down with a T-shirt or up with a button-up shirt.

The good thing with blazers is that they can go with almost every cloth. You can wear them with a sleeveless dress or top, jeans, formal trousers or a skirt. With blazers, you can never go wrong. If you do not know how to match it with your current outfits, you can learn how to wear a blazer.

Mix Colors

Mixing colors is not a talent but a skill that you need to master. Instead of resorting to safety wear by using conservative colors such as black, blue, and grey, get out of your comfort zone and try other colors.

You can pair blue jeans with a bright pink top and a black headscarf. For men, you can try a white blazer with black jeans and maroon shoes. Play with different colors until you get a combination that pleases you.

Adhere to Washing Instructions

While this may seem like an obvious tip, ensure you check the label to prevent you from spoiling your delicate clothing. If it states you dry-clean only, then follow that. Similarly, if it removes color, wash it separately; you do not want to walk around with a white shirt that has yellow-stained spots.

Find a Seamstress

There is no doubt that clothes tailored to fit your shape perfectly look better than the ones that are not. Tailors can add a dart to dresses and shirts to highlight your waist.

Similarly, they can add or take a few inches from the bottom of your trousers to maintain the correct length. The next time you want to dismiss a lovely outfit because it is too big, try to find out first if your seamstress can modify it.

Plan It Out

If you leave for work or other activities early in the morning, plan your clothes early. Just the way you plan a week’s meal or a Sunday’s get together, it’s also essential to plan your cloth. You can look shaggy due to last-minute planning.

Take time to select an outfit and ensure that it blends well from top to bottom. To be stylish, be ready to sacrifice a few minutes every day to plan your next outfit.

Incorporate Accessories

Incorporate Accessories

Accessories will complement your final look. Put on a necklace, bracelet, and earring that matches well with your outfit. They are a great way to show your knowledge of seasonal trends and looks. Know how to style your accessories so that you do not overdo them. Try the men bead bracelets, which is a stylish masterpiece custom fitted for your wrist. A great accessory compliments your outfit and brings out your style.

Improve Your Shoe Game

Cream-Colored Skirt

Stock different types of shoes in your closets such as sneakers, official men and female shoes, high heels, rubbers, and open shoes. Different occasions require different shoes, for instance, sneakers are the best option for a casual look. If you do not know how to walk in high heels, you can wear flats and still look good. Shoes can break or make your outfit.


For men, you must wear socks that match well with your trousers or shorts. You cannot wear yellow socks with red jeans; they do not match. It also applies to women when they put on sneakers; the type of socks is essential and can affect your look. At all costs, try to avoid contrasting socks and clashing patterns.


The bottom line is that stylish dressing portrays a good image of yourself. To be fashionable, you should keep up with the latest trends. The above tips seem simple and easy, but they require discipline that you should incorporate in your daily routine.

It is not hard to maintain an everyday stylish look, ensure you select fitting clothes, know how to match, have a collection of shoes, and top it up with accessories.


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