Bridal Outfits Shopping: Kill the Lice and Know the “Don’t Get Fleeced Ways”


India is the city of the festival. It is known everywhere around the world. If you ask any foreigner which one is their favorite festival in India, they might say about Holi or Diwali.  We are all aware of it. But there is another festival, which is everyone’s favorite and it happens in most months in India. We are talking about Weddings. Yeah, it is a kind of celebration in India, it could be considered. And Indian weddings are famous around the world for their lavish splurging on décor, food, and engagement of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. We all know how Indian weddings are.

Now we change the topic and come to the bridal outfits shopping. As much as gets spent on weddings, half of it, brides spend on their wedding outfits. And they wanna try everything wherever their eyes go. They do not want to leave out any bridal outfit which they think they want to try it out. After all, it is their wedding, who wanna leave? So for you brides, who are soon getting married and searching for the best bridal outfits but they worry about getting fleeced, then please don’t worry. We are telling some of the best ways that you can try.

Bridal Outfits Shopping

Don’t answer this spider question, “where is the wedding?” They try to get you in their web

When you visit any bridal shop or boutique, the people there try to be friends with you because they want to sell their stuff. When they ask you the above question about the wedding, don’t answer it, because if you do, it could be that they up their price by 10 %. It could be more too. So try to play smart, more than them. In reply, any best answer you can give them but don’t tell them where is the wedding and when. It will be in your best interest.

When you want to buy Sangeet lehenga?

When you are going to buy a sangeet lehenga, and if you are a bride, then don’t tell the store owner that you are buying for yourself, even don’t tell them that you are a bride, just try to be someone else or bride’s sister. Because if you tell them that you are a bride then they up the price, and if you tell them that you are the bride’s sister, then they try to give you the reasonable price because they know bride’s sister budget seems to be less. So they go according to that.


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Little bit alterations can save around 10K or perhaps more

You have selected the lehenga of your choice, but you come to know that it is not in your budget, but you notice also that you don’t like something in the lehenga. It could be a border or dupatta or anything else. Try to talk about alterations; they generally say yes. And if you got so, it could be that its price gets reduced and your favorite lehenga comes into your price.

How you should answer, “What’s the budget question?”

When you go to any store to buy your wedding outfits and store people ask you about your budget, then don’t tell them the exact amount, try to tell them the amount in which you can very easily pay. If they don’t come to the range you are talking about, then tell them the price with which you are comfortable and stretch a bit. Bargaining is the skill. It is better to take some your friend or relative who is best at bargaining. If the price doesn’t suit you, go for next collection or do what you think is in your best interest.

Don’t wear your engagement ring while going for bridal outfit shopping

It is not the best idea that wearing your engagement ring, you go shopping. Store persons know immediately who you are just by seeing your engagement rings and try to tell you the increased price. So whenever and wherever you go for bridal outfit shopping, go without your wedding jewelry. And if you are rich with pockets, then you don’t need to worry about anything!

If you know about fabrics and embroidery, it benefits

If you are a connoisseur of fabrics or have little bit knowledge about embroideries, then none could cheat you. If store people say you that specific outfit has the handwork embroidery or specific costume is velvet; if you know the difference between all these, then you can confidently say them that this is not. And it could be that you get it in the budget you want. So fabrics knowledge matters.

Concentrate on budget babes

There can be outfits in any store that you like very much and only those you want to wear on your wedding day, but they are far beyond your budget that you cannot think about buying them. Hence it will be best for you that you avoid them entirely. Why wasting time when you cannot buy them. Just concentrate on the budget.

Sometimes emotions work

If the shop owner is not decreasing the price in which you want to buy, then make them a bit emotional by saying them that everyone from your family buys from this store, or earlier wedding shopping we did from the same shop; still, you’re not reducing the price.  Try to trick this way. Store owners don’t remember these things. And it could be if you say all these, you get the outfit at your desired price.

Same piece outfit in two different shops

It could be that you can find the same piece of outfit which you want to buy in two different shops. In one shop it can be around 1 lakh and in another, it can be around 70-80 around. So just visit the best shops and get the idea about the prices and buy from the store which you think offering the right amount according to your budget.

These are some of the best ways we have told you by which you can get your favorite wedding dream suit in your budget without getting fleeced or tricked. At the end of the day, it depends on you how you negotiate. And at the very end of the day, everyone is playing their smart. You should play your best. Apart from all, there are several designs of the best bridal wear in Delhi that you can buy from favorite stores.

The pointers that are above described are some of the best that you can try when you are going to market for bridal outfits shopping. The first thing that you can do is, you should select the best stores from where you think that you want to buy. First, go to the best one about which you think that it is the store where you can find all your wedding outfits. Take a friend or relative with you who is good at negotiation. Though there are no compromises for the quality. So sometimes it is the best advice to you that if you like an outfit very much and if its price is bit stretchy, then buy it without worry about the cost. Nothing goes in giving 500rs or 1000rs extra for a dream suit that you want to wear on the day of your wedding. Hence what you want to buy or what not is your choice but if you pay attention to the above pointers, they can help a lot for not getting fleeced.


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