Top 5 Things That Ruin a Perfect Relationship


Top-5-Things-That-Ruin-a-Perfect-RelationshipRelationship, the term itself has the magic of togetherness, the bond of eternity. Humans are social animals with soul and zeal to move forward in life to attain the well being. On the process of achieving that he needs the support to fade away the fear of losing, to be left alone in this massive world of strangers. We all need that one who has that exceptional power of understanding our thought process. These are the traits that we expect from our partner. And also these are the exceptional factors that make up a relationship perfect.

But, there are many factors that actually can ruin a perfect relationship, however, perfect it might be. In here, I have preferred to highlight five of the common problems seen and heard from my friends in person. So, have a glance over the points that answer the question – what can ruin a perfect relationship. Also, check for yourself whether your relationship is also facing the same problem or not.


Trust is an important thing in a relationship. In a way, it is the building block of any relationship. Unless and until you have the ability to depend on your partner emotionally there cannot form the sense of consistent support. And, the relationship is all about support. Support to make you stronger than ever before.

Here, the emotional dependency releases the fear inside you. Every time makes you grow stronger than ever before. So, make sure you have the capability to maintain that trust so that doubt never arises. Once it gets arisen you never know when that evergreen paradise of your life will get infected by the unknown weeds.


A relationship needs space, that is very much true. But, this definitely cannot be encouraged that space between the two people builds up a huge gap which cannot be bridged by anyway. A healthy relation trades time between two souls. You need to give and take time for understanding and communicating with your partner.

If you are incapable of it then is the time when relationship problems miscommunication arise and thus ruin a perfect relationship. Setting time for yourself is necessary but your relationship too needs time to get nurtured just like that newly planted seed in your garden. You need to nourish it to end up blooming a beautiful flower.


The relationship is synonymous with the word togetherness. Therefore, if you ask me the question – can distance ruin a relationship then the answer will be yes. Distance kills the spark of a relationship. It encourages hell lot of problems that finally results in moving apart from each other.

The basic problem that arises is the incapability of fulfilling the expectations of your partner and most importantly of the relationship. The common problem of any distance relationship is the strong desire of sensing your partner’s expression via somebody else. This then results into a habit and worsen your love life.

Lack of Common Interests

Now, that is a big challenge when you and your partner lack common interests. Well, at the beginning you two might feel really comfortable despite unmatched interests. But, in real these mismatches turn out to be the real cause of unfulfilled relationships. A perfect relationship shares thoughts and aspirations more than the degree of compatibility on the bed.

So, to make your perfect relationship last longer you two must talk about things that excite both of you. Sharing common interests will also enrich your inner being. You will get to learn from each other. Also, this will help both of you to know each other in a better way. All these, in addition, will only make you stay connected with each other.

Being Pessimist

Pessimistic thoughts are very dangerous for a relationship. This tremendously affects the relationship before you actually get known of it. When you are in a relationship it is for obvious to think whether both of you can actually bring up the relationship to reach the expected level. On the process, if you fail to be optimist then the efforts cannot be given by heart.

This is the sole reason for many relationships to get broken up. Also, with pessimistic thoughts comes the desire to cheat on your partner giving a lot of excuses that are actually lame in nature. Also, the capability of you and your partner to nourish the relationship get faded away bit by bit.

So, these are the top 5 things that are enough responsible to Ruin a Perfect Relationship.


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