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The name of the Australian musician Glenn Wheatley may come as a surprise to you. He was a talented manager as well as an artist. While his talent management skills helped him get into the spotlight, he never had a chance to perform on his own. Fortunately, he had many friends, and they all helped him along the way. Here are some interesting facts about him and his career. The biography of Glenn Wheatley will give you some insight into his life.

Glenn Wheatley
MELBOURNE – MAY 11: Glenn Wheatley and Delta Goodrem in the media room for the 45th annual TV Week Logie Awards 2003 held at the Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Regis Martin/Getty Images).

A Biography of Glenn Wheatley

As a musician, Wheatley was an early pioneer of FM radio and an icon in Australian rock. He then crossed over to management, working for artists as diverse as David Bowie and Yoko Ono. He co-managed Kate Ceberano in the late 1990s and helped produce the podcast The Blank Canvas. He also managed John Farnham and worked closely with many other artists. This gives us a taste of his career.

The Australian music scene has lost a true legend. During his 40-year career, Wheatley was a pioneer of Australian music. He was a founding member of The Masters Apprentices, a rock group that reached Australia’s top charts and spent time recording at Abbey Road. As a manager, Wheatley managed a variety of artists, including John Farnham, who he helped launch his career. Then, in the mid-1980s, he took a mortgage on his house to help finance his friend’s comeback album Whispering Jack.

After leaving Masters Apprentices, Wheatley moved into artist management. He worked with the Little River Band in the 1970s and established their presence in the United States. Known for his negotiating skills, he relaunched John Farnham’s career, even if he had to sell his home to pay for the recording. He wrote a book called “What the Hell Is Judy in Sydney?” that was praised by many.

In 1985, Wheatley, along with his wife, sold his house to fund the recording of his friend’s 12th album, Whispering Jack. The album achieved a no. 1 status in Australia for 25 weeks and was a global hit. While this was a career high, Wheatley was a passionate person who had a passion for music. It was in this role that he forged his career. However, the two men did not get along.

In addition to his talent as an artist manager, Wheatley also served as an executive in the music industry. He managed Delta Goodrem, and the Little River Band. In his later years, he devoted himself to radio and became a visionary. In 1986, he launched Australia’s first FM radio station, EON FM. The station beat Triple M to air by a few weeks. He was an American citizen who saw the potential of the new medium.

Wheatley was an iconic Australian music promoter and artist. He was part of the band The Master Apprentices in Brisbane, and his work with the band helped launch their careers. He was also an important part of the local music scene, and his bandmates still remember him fondly. In the 1980s, he was a bassist for the popular rock group The Master Apprentices. In later years, he continued to produce albums as a producer and a manager for the band.

After The Masters Apprentices disbanded in 1972, Wheatley continued to manage other bands. He managed the Little River Band, Australian Crawl, and John Farnham. Sadly, Wheatley passed away on Tuesday night from complications caused by COVID-19. The Masters Apprentices were one of the few Australian acts to reach national success in the 1960s and 1970s, and he was the band’s bassist.

After the death of his beloved wife, Wheatley was jailed for tax fraud. The ATO had investigated Wheatley’s finances for months before he was jailed. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison for the crime. The ATO also launched a campaign to promote his music. Despite being jailed, the Australian Taxation Office had no way to access his income. Consequently, he was unable to work for three years.

The music industry in Australia is a vibrant and diverse place, and the world is a great place to play. The Australian music scene is a thriving, global market. The music industry needs to be able to flourish and thrive. Aside from the music industry, there are also a range of other industries that need to be addressed. The Australian government has not been a major force in the fight against COVID-19.


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