Types Of Decking Material You Can Find In The Market


The deck is a flat surface that people usually install on the outer side of their houses to extend their living area. It is often higher from the ground and usually connects one building to the other. It also acts as an alternative to stone-made patios. So while choosing the perfect decking for your place, you need to look at the different material options you get in this category to make an informed choice.

Different types of decking material:


If you plan on extending your living space, you need the right type of decking to suit your structure. Following are the types of material you can get:


Pressure-treated decking is perfect for places that have high humidity or arrangement that have direct contact with the ground. The design of this type of material is such that it will not get affected by any insect. Plus, they will also not split, swell, or wrap if you maintain it properly. People who purchase this type of decking are advised to protect it with a lumber preservative to lessen shrinkage and increase life. You can expect it to last for 30 years if maintained properly.


Cedar is the most beautiful and natural-looking decking you can find. Moreover, this everlasting decking is inexpensive and easy to use. Thus it makes it the ideal choice for most of the customers. However, if you choose this, make sure to buy a dark color one as it generally does not rot very frequently. Cedar is widely available, strong, and lightweight for making your deck gorgeous. Furthermore, the wood that Cedar is made of contains tannins and natural oil that avoid the problems caused by insects. It also protects the wood from any stain and helps prevent the wood from cracking and growing splinter.


Metal is another type of decking that you should consider, especially the upper-level decks. This deck type is built in several colors and installed to provide a more extended period of service. It also forms an interlocking system of surface that prevents water from sweeping down. However, you must wash the metal deck once a month to protect and prevent water pooling on the surface. It can also be affected by extreme temperature or when the surface’s darker colors are exposed to the sun for a long time.


Composite decking material relating to wood and plastic lasts more than a decade. And due to the extra added benefits of these materials, homeowners and other contractors prefer this above all. The material will provide you with look, longevity and also do not rot, shrink, or splinter. Moreover, it also provides the option of producing the deck. So, you have a choice between texture, color, and style. You can clean this material with ease, they do not require yearly painting. However, if you have chosen a darker color material, it may show weathering throughout the years.



You will find redwood decking somewhat expensive but also provide many wonderful features. It is extremely lightweight, easy to use, and powerful. However, if you are going for the redwood option, make sure you select high-grade decking lumbar cream-colored sapwood. And for rot-resistant features, go for darker-colored heartwood.


Apart from these mentioned above, you get many more options in deck material like PVD, vinyl, or plastic-based decking. The manufacturers are introducing new categories every day. But make sure when you install decking in your backyard, you check the material’s quality and longevity to avoid the extra future cost. However, this also does not mean after installation, you can leave it as it is. It requires regular maintenance to provide longer life.


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