Types of Renewable Energy Examples


More than 3 million people in the United States have turned renewable energy into a career. 

Renewable energy is vital for human development. It uses naturally replenished materials to create energy.

If you are interested in learning more about how this is utilized, you must understand all of the different sources.

Continue reading to discover the most common renewable energy examples so that you can start using them too! 

Renewable Energy Examples

Geothermal Energy 

One of the most common renewable energy examples that are being used today is geothermal energy.

Geothermal energy works by utilizing the trapped heat within the Earth. This method converts heat into energy. The main purposes of geothermal energy are to heat and cool down water temperatures and building temperatures. 

This form of energy is quite reliable and stable when compared to other options. It is most often seen in power plants and rural homes. 

Hydroelectric Energy

If you are looking for sustainable energy that utilizing water, hydroelectric energy is an excellent choice.

Hydroelectric energy is constantly being renewed each time it rains. Dams and rivers use the water to convert it into energy for businesses and homes. The dams convert this energy by manipulating the direction and strength of the water movement. 

For a long time, this was the most popular form of renewable energy used in the United States. 

Ocean Energy 

Many people confuse ocean energy with hydroelectric energy because they both involve water.

Ocean energy is different from hydroelectric energy, however, because it using the waves and power of the water in the ocean. There is no shortage of ocean power and since waves are constantly moving, this is a reliable source of energy. 

Another way that the ocean creates energy is by using the thermal energy produced by the sun. Ocean energy does utilize channels, like dams, and floating systems to harness power. 

Wind Energy 

Windmill farms are popping up all around the country in places that get constant movement. 

The wind helps move these large windmills and then turns the movement into energy. Depending on the area that you live in, you may see more of these if you are constantly dealing with a breeze.

Unfortunately, without strong winds, this isn’t the most reliable form of energy. 

Solar Energy

Have you driven around your town and seen solar panels popping up on houses and businesses?

Solar power is being used at all levels, from powering homes and factories to lighting up your yard. This type of energy is best used in sunny areas, so it may not be as effective in areas prone to cloudy and rainy weather. It utilizes the heat of the sun to produce thermal energy. 

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Have You Tried These Renewable Energy Examples?

By learning all of the different renewable energy examples, you can better understand how resources are used. 

Utilizing this guide will help you differentiate between each method of energy and determine the best one for each situation. Switching to renewable energy can help save the planet and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Don’t be afraid to make transitions to renewable energy, there are many excellent ways to do so. 


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