Vitamin D Test at Affordable Cost


Getting a Vitamin D test done is not on the priority list for many, but it holds a lot of significance when it comes to an individual’s health. Amongst many other functions, a healthy level of Vitamin D in the body ensures that calcium absorption is carried out effectively – which further results in stronger bones.

The deficiency of this component within one’s body can lead to several issues. In this article, we will be talking about the various aspects of this test. In the end, we will be checking out the Vitamin D test cost that one should expect while getting a Vitamin D test done and whether or not it falls within the affordable category.

Why is Vitamin D important?

Vitamin D has several benefits for the human body. One of the most commonly known ones includes its facilitation in the absorption of other nutrients like Calcium and phosphorus. It also allows the immunity system to work effectively by adding to its functionality.

Apart from facilitating tasks within the body, Vitamin D also helps prevent heart diseases. It also helps the body to fight flu, fever, and other related conditions. There are plenty of research articles that claim that a good level of Vitamin D can help people struggling with depression too.

Vitamin D3 Test: A Brief

Vitamin D is not used in the body in its raw form. Like all the other nutrients, it is broken down into a simpler version to be utilized by the body for further functioning. This conversion is carried out in the liver, where Vitamin D is broken down into 25-hydroxy vitamin D.

Hence, to assess the amount of Vitamin D in one’s body, medical professionals test for the presence of 25-hydroxyVitamin D. The test is popularly known as the Vitamin D3 test, the 25-OH Vitamin D test, or the calcidiol test. Professionals use this test to diagnose conditions such as rickets in their patient’s bodies.

Vitamin D Test

When should you get a Vitamin D test?

While the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency show up and are easy to identify without getting tested, doctors suggest getting tested in case of certain situations. These include whether or not you have gone through an incident that might hamper your body’s ability to absorb this nutrient, your age, and so on.

If one has gone through surgery or recently struggled with a disease that might potentially hamper the body’s ability to utilize Vitamin D, it is possible that no matter how many supplements one takes the body will be deficient in it. Hence, getting tested in such cases allows people to get access to treatment options that suit their needs better.

Costs of Vitamin D tests: Are they affordable?

The Vitamin D test cost is known to have a huge range. The price can be anywhere from just 200 rs to a total of 3,000 rs. While multiple factors influence the costs of this test, it is important to discuss with your doctor what exactly you need to get tested for.

Since the Vitamin D test cost goes up to such a high upper limit, it is important to eliminate things that you do not necessarily need to get tested for. It is advised that you do not take this decision on your own but under the influence of a medical professional.

Depending on the city that you reside in, the costs of a Vitamin D test might vary too. For instance, if you live in cities like Delhi or Mumbai the Vitamin D test cost will vary from the costs in a rural area.

Overall, Vitamin D tests can be quite affordable since the lower limit of the costs goes as low as 200 rs in such cases. However, it is best to not cut down on vital tests to get to an affordable pricing structure – because medical bills are always exponentially more than those testing bills.

In major cities, the Vitamin D test price typically lies within the range of about 1500 rs to 1800 rs. It includes testing for various important components like Vitamin D3 and D4. These cities include Delhi, Chennai, Pune, and Kolkata.


Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients required by our body. Since our body is not capable of producing this nutrient on its own, its requirement is supposed to be fulfilled by us – it can be in the form of either a vitamin-rich diet or supplement pills. It is important to take certain precautions to avoid the deficiency of Vitamin D for several reasons as mentioned above.

However, if one ends up being deficient due to any reason it is important to get tested. The tests need not be as expensive as they might seem if one only gets tested for what the doctor might advise them to get checked. Hopefully, this article provides you with everything that you need to know about the affordable Vitamin D test cost.