What Is the Quickest Way to Sell Your Home in Calgary?


The Calgary real estate market is a seller’s market; there is greater demand for houses in Calgary. According to recent data, the sale to list price ratio for May 2021 was around 96.6%. In simple words, the buyers are ready to pay the list price for the properties in Calgary.

Sometimes when people are in a financial emergency, they might be motivated to sell their home fast to get liquid cash to meet their urgent requirements.

Many real estate companies post advertisements like ‘we buy houses Calgary.’ You can contact such companies to sell your home quickly. Here are some guidelines and tips for selling your home fast.

Home Upgrades

Clean and Declutter

The presentation of your house plays an important role in convincing the buyer to purchase your home. There are many quick ways to sell your home in Calgary. The tips are given here to improve the interior appeal.

  • Buy a storage unit and pack your large furnishings and extra belongings in the house that make your house look untidy.
  • Buyers look at storage spaces in houses. Hence, you need to organize your closets so buyers get a fair idea about the storage space available.

Pick a Selling Strategy

If you plan to sell your house to real estate companies that say ‘we buy houses in Calgary,’ you need to have a clear strategy of selling your house. According to recent data, around 418 townhouses were sold in May 2021, and the average price was $327,091.

You need to research similar properties sold in your area recently and gather information about the median and average price offered for townhouses of the same size. If you’re not confident, you can hire a real estate agent, such as The Property Auction Company, who can communicate with potential buyers interested in buying your townhouse in as-is condition.

Determine a Price to Sell

If you plan to list your house for sale in Calgary listings, you must mention a sale price. Understanding the average market prices for similar properties can help you determine the right price. Alternatively, you can hire a professional evaluator who can inspect your house and submit a report that can help you determine the right price.

If you want to sell your home fast, you can opt for an all-cash deal that can help save time and allow you to close the deal soon. As per recent real-estate data, the sales to active listings ratio is around 39%. If the Sale to active listings ratio for your area is low, like 20%, the chances of selling your house quickly are higher.

Set a Timeline for Price Reduction

As per recent data, the average number of days on the market for a townhouse is 30 days. If your house remains unsold for more than 30 days, it becomes less attractive to buyers. Many buyers ignore older house listings as they think there might be some problem with the property.

You need to decide a timeline for a price reduction if you haven’t received any offers or most deals have failed due to price. You can decide on the discounts later, but you need to have a timeline for reducing prices to attract potential buyers. To sum up, these are some of the tips and guidelines to sell your home quickly. Since a real estate deal involves a lot of paperwork, it is always good to hire a real estate agent to sell the property quickly.


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