World Diabetes Day: 10 Foods You Must Avoid From Your Diet


World-Diabetes-Day-Foods-You-Must-AvoidDiabetes is the worldwide problem. The reason for this popular but hazardous health issue is the lifestyle that we are leading. Well, this rings the bell for you to wake up and encourage practicing a healthy lifestyle. This definitely includes food habits. So, in concern of the World Diabetes Day which is celebrated on the 14th of November of every year, I have presented a list of foods that you must avoid from your diet to maintain the perfect sugar level in your body and stay away from the disease.

1. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated Drinks or cola products have added sugar. This added sugar leads to the increase in the blood sugar level and thus risk your life with the sudden heart blockage.

2. Trans Fat

Trans Fat products are the obvious reason for encouraging obesity. Also, in taking too much of trans fat added products may lead opposite to the insulin taken by increasing the level of glucose in your body. Thus, leading to diabetes.

3. Baked Foods

Baked food or the bakery products are really delicious to have as deserts. But do you know how much extra sugar those foods possess? Well, that is the reason why diabetic patients are kept away from having those sugars in the form of baked cookies and in taking too much level of glucose and thus leading to diabetes.

4. Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt is no doubt works wonder for diabetic patients. But, this definitely is not the case for flavored one. The flavored yogurt contains artificial sugary content which in a way raise up the level of sugar or glucose content in your blood and thus leading to diabetes.

5. Avoidable Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate must be taken in a measurable way for every diabetic person. The nutrient is necessary for energy. But for a diabetic that energy needs to be broken down. So, intake that much quantity of carbohydrate that is required. Or else, this will be stored as unused glucose and the level of diabetes will rise up.

6. Junk Food

Junk Food is absolutely NO for a diabetic patient. The reason being the content of trans fat and a large quantity of avoidable carbohydrate. In taking this will lead to fat gain which will in a way turn the person into an obese and thus increasing the level of diabetes.

7. Honey

Honey is a sweet product. So, any sweet dish is generally kept away from a diabetic patient. Though doctors nowadays do not believe in avoiding sweets for diabetic patients. But, this definitely does not mean usual in taking of honey.

8. Sweetened Preservatives

Sweetened preservatives like jam, jelly, squash, etc are a strict NO for any diabetic patient. The reason being the in the taking of extra sugar that leads to the increase in the level of glucose that leads to the further rise in blood sugar level.

9. Chips or Nachos

Chips and Nachos contain trans fat that is not soluble easily. This is the main cause of gaining excess weight. Thus, obesity then very wisely generates high blood sugar and thus making you a diabetic patient.

10. Sugary Fruits

Some fruits are there which must be avoided by the diabetic person. Though those fruits contain natural sugar. So, a diabetic person must avoid having ripe mangoes, jack fruit, pineapple and try to intake guava, pomegranate and etc fruits like that.


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