10 Frugal Date Ideas for Quality Time With Your Partner


You should not neglect date night with your significant other. It’s the only time you can catch up on what’s happening with your lives. It helps you evaluate your relationship and plans for the future. It’s the “sexy time” you need after being away from each other for so long.

Spending is optional on a frugal date. You can have quality time without maxing your credit. The ideas below will inspire you to come up with ways on how to have a frugal date night. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts from shops to show your affection.

Frugal Date

  1. Take a drive

You only need a fuel tank-filled car to take a scenic drive around the city or a town near you. A scenic drive allows you to uncover the unexplored parts of the city and marvel at different architectural sites. The experience differs with each season. For instance, autumn creates a picturesque ambiance. The leaves change colors, flowers are in full bloom, and there’s the fresh breeze when driving along the coast. During the holiday season, you will see decorations and lights on each house.

  1. Window-shopping

Are you fashion fanatics? Or do you enjoy going to different stores to check the latest technological innovation? If you both love to see the newest items in stores, you can go on a window shopping trip to see the stuff on racks and shelves. Vertis North has a mall with lifestyle concept stores, well-known retail brands, and wellness shops. Everything you need is in one place. You can take a leisurely stroll near the area’s pocket gardens while looking for the perfect gift for your hubby.

  1. Spend time in a botanical garden

Relationship is Worth KeepingBesides the Instagram-worthy surroundings, botanical gardens often have historical significance. There’s a landmark in its the center or along the pathway. Thus, some charge a fee for admission, tour, and site maintenance.

Botanical gardens are peaceful and filled with natural greens. With the right lighting setup and landscaping, it becomes the perfect venue for a romantic day or night.

  1. Test your culinary skills

If you’re low on budget to dine at a highly-rated restaurant, you can make your meals at home instead. Pull out a recipe from the family cookbook and recreate your favorites. Don’t forget to make a dessert to complete the three-course meal. To complete the set-up, arrange the table similar to those in restaurants. Bring out your porcelain flatware and crystal wine glasses.

The doesn’t have to be a one-time event. You can have dinner dates at home every week if you want to hone your cooking skills. As much as possible, make food prep a team effort.

  1. Try afternoon tea

English people have high tea or afternoon tea. People who have business meetings or families who need time to catch up do this. It’s fancy and less expensive than a meal. There’s also less stuff to distract you from talking. Most of all, you can taste new specialties and delicacies from the international and local scene. Some hotel lobbies and coffee shops offer afternoon tea packages. It helps you save money from drowning expensive coffee.

  1. Check old photos

Look back on the best and good times of your life. Take out old photo albums from your chest and other hiding spots. Compare childhood photos, share memories and experiences. Tell him or her about the bad haircut, ill-fitting jumper, and squeaky shoes you had in the past. Have a blast recalling both of your elementary, high school, and college days. Sharing stories and photos is one way to talk about your pre-relationship life with each other.

  1. Dedicate a day for a photoshoot

Having an official couple photos together is different from the selfies you take during your trips. Most smartphones have decent cameras, so there’s no need to hire a photographer or other equipment. All you need is a tripod or a selfie-stick.

To make it more exciting, invite your other friends who are also in a relationship. You can have fun taking photos of each other or making wacky poses along the way.

  1. Set a game night

A little competition never hurts. A deck of cards creates endless possibilities. If dealing cards aren’t your thing, there are several board games to try. Go through each one and see who can score the most points.

Video and online games are also viable options. You can take turns or play at the same time if the game has a multiplayer option. Ensure you have the console and some snacks ready.

  1. Reach the summit

Best travel tipsExercise releases endorphins which make you feel good about yourself. Plan a hiking trip to get an unobstructed view of the sunrise or sunset. If it’s your first time to hike, you can start with beginner trails. They take less time to reach the summit. Plan ahead. Don’t forget to check the weather at your designated location. Be sure to pack light to enjoy the uphill travel.

  1. Go back to where it all started

Where did you first meet? Did it involve your friends? Was it an encounter on a dating site that led you to the burger joint in the corner of the street? Go back to the places that made a significant impact on your relationship. Start at the beginning and think about how it improved your affection for each other. The cafe where you had your first kiss, first date or your engagement are some of the places you can visit.

Before embarking on a trip, make a timeline of events. It will help you map out the significant areas you can visit.

The frugal date can be simple. What’s important is to celebrate your partner and cherish your relationship. Quality time is a critical aspect of a relationship. You can have frugal date ideas, but you must not be skimpy with affections towards your partner.


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