How to Maintain Solo Living on a Tiny Budget


If your paycheck is limited to food, rental fee, and other utility expenses, then you are part of the population who must live on a budget. Often, you don’t have the luxury to spend on unnecessary home items. You have to pass up on the beautiful china from the antique shop on your way home in fear of overspending. You must stick to the amount you set for yourself to prevent a negative balance on your account.

Solo living on a tiny budget is possible if you know how. You don’t have to limit yourself to hand-me-downs, low-grade food ingredients, or cheap plastic kitchen utensils to save money. It isn’t necessary to sacrifice your comfort, security or affordable house and lot for sale when on a budget.

solo living

You can try the steps below to maximize your budget and the potential of your home

#1 Opt for multi-purpose furniture

Selecting pieces of furniture with a lot of uses is ideal for homes with limited floor area. Dual purpose furniture hits two birds with one stone. A bar cart can hold your delectable wines while serving as a decoration. A folding couch transforms to a bed for guests who wish to spend the night. A low-lying wooden unit can conceal a printer or other electronics while serving as a shelf for your treasured hardbound books.


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Don’t be afraid to use multi-purpose pieces. Though some furniture design may feature weird geometric design, these structures make them unique. Thus, they are great complements to eclectic personalities. The functional furniture also fits different lifestyles. People who like to invite people over can immediately clear their space. The entertaining area can be a spot to spread the tools you will use for your hobbies.

#2. Leave a spot for work

Freelancers or those who work remotely often spend their pay squatting in coffee shops or co-working spaces. While a different environment provides a break from the usual ambiance, it can consume chunks of your income. To curb your extra spending, you can carve a workspace in your home. If you have a spare desk, install an extension socket on a nearby wall and add a desk lamp to designate your work area. Stock up office essentials such as pens, notepads, and other trinkets you need to accomplish your job.

#3 Limit grocery shopping to necessities

You might get carried away with shopping for a huge crowd if you used to live with several people. Now that you only have a mouth to feed, you don’t have to grab a giant box of cereal, several kilograms of fresh fruits and bags of greens. Excess produce can spoil and rot when left untouched for several days. Start modifying your shopping list and trim it to what you can consume. Buy less but keep non-perishables on hand. Snacks like cookies, biscuits, and bread will keep your hunger at bay in between shopping trips.

#4. Host potlucks

Invite your friend over instead of meeting them in bars or restaurants. You won’t have to bother about roommates or parents when you have your palace, so there’s no reason to pass the opportunity of hosting. Gather your loved ones for lunch or dinner. Each person must bring a dish so you’ll have food for everyone.

#5 Become self-reliant

If there’s a minor defect that needs fixing, attend to it immediately. Channel your inner handyman instead of paying for overpriced services of a plumber or a carpenter. Take the opportunity to learn new skills to know how to handle a home crisis. Discover how to attend to minor home repairs. If the job is too much for you, you must have a list of emergency numbers. You can quickly ask for assistance during a sudden blackout or an overflowing basement. You will spend money on a major repair, but it will maintain the state of your home and save you from unwanted stress.


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Solo living is expensive if you neglect to consider your budget. Balancing your expenses against your income will save you from debt and allow you to live a comfortable lifestyle. Being penurious or skipping expensive purchases may work, but being smart with other aspects of life works best. Examining all aspects your life helps you uncover which habits to adjust so you stay afloat of your money woes.


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