6 Essentials for Your Workspace


You spend your days working in the office doing your job, especially on your desk. You avoid health hazards that may affect your work commitments, you sit in front of computer screen for eight hours and sometimes over time is not exactly an alternative that you will experience bad health. There are businesses and offices available like Vertis North that offers comfortable and good ambiance for their employees.

6 Essentials for Your Workspace

Even though you will work at home or sit behind a desk you can’t escape the factors of health conditions, here are some better place or options for your health and well-being while in your workspace:

The working environment

Offices are most likely triggered by occupational allergies like the smell of the paint, office furniture or the chemicals applied to the floors especially the carpet. Even if you cannot feel the symptoms, the air that you breath will likely to result in your brainpower. A study from Harvard University stated that offices with great ventilation and small levels of air pollutions were linked to better performance levels.


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The standing desk

It is said in one article that sitting too much is seriously bad for health. The increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even early death. Other office workers also sitting all the time gains weight and worse, obesity. That’s the major problem of the office workers, sitting down all day. The standing desk that allows you to stand up comfortably while working. There are also adjustable modern versions of standing desks. Lastly, using this type of desk will save you from harmful effects of sitting too much.

A water bottle or a jug at your desk

Glozine lifestyle stated that water will not only improve your skin but also prevent headaches during dry, warm temperatures and suppress your appetite. The water is important of your body especially cleaning the toxins out of your system. Have a water jug or bottle for at least 32 ounces that will keep you stay hydrated.


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I know that selecting your desk at your office is very difficult but in some ways placing it near the window is making physically active. The Northwestern University study shows that people with windows in their office are more physically active and they get better sleep than those without it. Have a natural ambiance as possible by sitting near the window. Working with the natural light also will make you feel active and motivated throughout the day.

Healthy Options

Do not be tempted with the ready-to-eat foods in the office canteen, especially the vending machine for coffee during the late afternoon. Have some high-calorie viand that can be healthy snacks at work. You can try some fruits, vegetables or nuts to keep you satisfied. The fruits like apples and oranges are great for us since it will give simple sugar. A wheat bread with lettuce and a non-fat mayonnaise is a filling can be a healthy snack.


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You do not have to always do the fresheners just to feel the freshness of your work but it will help release the irritating chemicals surrounding the working area. The smell of the citrus or lemon have a scent that is not too strong and let the air fresher and natural to smell.

A walk during break time

Maybe if you have a long break before or after work, start walking with your co-workers to join so that they will also be engaged in a healthy lifestyle.  A 5-minute or 10 walks for three times a day will keep your body moving and metabolism running. A plant

Have a plant in your desk to work with you like the office plant that is available in some malls. Choose a plant that has small maintenance for every day. This thing will change your daily routine or workstation that will keep you strengthen your health. There are also studies that office plants have been proven to increase productivity by 38%, creativity by 45% and overall well-being by 47%. The plant also will help the office clean and office noise.

Consider also your work habits, distractions and working most effectively. In that essentials, you can benefit from each desk direction and especially healthy options.


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