How to maintain health while doing 9 to 5 job?


When some people love a 9-5 job, some are highly frustrated that it takes a toll on their health. Yes, they begin to think that they are gaining weight, just because they do not find time to exercise. Most of them also feel that they are getting sick too often these days. Even, some of them think fatigue and sluggish all through the day. The reason is that they get a monotonous feel at times. If you are one such individual concerned about your health, but cannot quit your job, there are ways that you can follow to improve your health.

How to maintain health while doing 9 to 5 job

Let us explore some useful tips for corporate employees to maintain their health:

Give priority to good eating habits:

If you wish to stay energetic and healthy, there can be no other better option than taking home-cooked foods for your lunch. When you prepare meals for lunch, make them rich in vegetables and add healthy protein to the menus. Home-cooked foods will help you keep a check on your weight as you have the control over the ingredients you add. When you exercise creativity in your kitchen, it will give a boost to your energy levels.


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How about a workout routine?

It is not that you should workout only in the morning. If you do not find time in the morning, you can take your lunchtime at the workplace in your favour. If you have a lunch break for an hour, finish your lunch fast and take a power-walk outside. Even, you can first finish your walk and then complete your lunch. If you plan to email or SMS your colleague, just take a step to his/her seat to discuss. It means that the more you break up from the sitting session, better you will feel.


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Avoid back pain:

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of office goers experiencing back pain. When your mood is not right, it will add to the already stiff back. In turn, it will disturb your night sleep. So, do not sit continuously for hours. Take every opportunity to stand up and do engage your back muscles. You can gently bend your upper body then and there.


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Have you considered your immune health?

When you work with plenty of people around, the exposure to plenty of germs is unavoidable. So, to protect yourself from health issues, you should take steps to boost your immune function. You can choose nutrient-rich foods, and you should also focus on getting enough sleep at nights to promote your immune functions. Never forget to take plenty of water and most importantly wash your hands on a regular basis to prevent infections.

Reduce the consumption of caffeinated drinks:

You might have the habit of drinking too much coffee to keep yourself active in the workplace. But, remember that drinking too much of caffeinated beverages all through the day might affect the quality of sleep at nights. Losing sleep is not something good for your health. If you feel low energy levels at the office during work hours, just try a fruit juice rich in vitamin C as against coffee or tea.

Have a healthy office life:

You might feel 9-5 job to be hectic, but when you ask people working on a shift basis, they will say that you can enjoy many health benefits when you work on regular 9-5 jobs. The reason is that you are less likely to get exposed to harmful work environments. Further, you can also maintain a healthy sleep schedule. However, many people feel that their health deteriorates with 9-5 jobs. With a little effort, you can follow a healthy lifestyle when you continue your regular shift.


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