5 Reasons to Love Bohemian Styles


Embracing a bohemian style or even adding a boho-inspired piece or two into your wardrobe rotation is simple and a classic way to give your closet some depth and excitement. From the ease of wear to the free-spirited lifestyle that comes with bohemian style choices, you won’t be able to get enough of the feelings and looks that boho delivers.

Bohemian Styles

Here are some of the top reasons to love bohemian styles!

1. It Never Goes Out of Style

bohemian fashionThe timeless appeal of bohemian fashion is a significant reason to give it a chance! Having pieces in your wardrobe that you can wear for years, even decades is totally in line with the free-natured feel of bohemian style. Whether you discover a favorite dress, jumpsuit or even a chic hat that you don’t want to stop wearing, the laid-back feel of the bohemian style allows you to embrace your favorites without feeling like you’re behind the latest, ever-changing trends.

Some of the best in bohemian fashion can look and feel as vintage as the Instagram filter you add over it. Don’t be surprised if people can’t stop gushing over your look and are dying to know where it came from!

2. It Will Make You Feel More Relaxed

bohemian fashionThere’s something eerily transformative about the ease and free-spirited feel of bohemian fashion. Seriously, when your wardrobe consists of mostly laid-back dresses and comfortable to wear styles that you can mix and match without a headache, you will find yourself feeling less stressed!

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly have the urge to disconnect and explore nature with a loved one or take on a solo adventure of your own. You are what you wear, and if you’re wearing fabulous, timeless clothing, you might start feeling that way.

So go ahead, throw on your favorite fedora, maxi dress or gold choker and get lost, explore and discover.

3. Embracing Neutrals is Anything But Boring

bohemian clothingClothing and accessories that fall under the bohemian umbrella often come in neutral colors, but maybe you didn’t even realize that because there’s absolutely nothing dull about the boho style! What it lacks in vibrant colors, bohemian clothing makes up for in dramatic, sweeping silhouettes, stunning details like fun fringe and delicate embroidery and fabulous cuts that anyone can rock.

The understated appeal mixing and matching neutral colors like grey, white, tan and beige can be liberating and result in an incredible ensemble that will feel as timeless as it looks. Once you have a taste of the effortless feel of forgoing bright colors for an occasional neutrals-only look, you may embrace your inner desert goddess and never look back!

4. Accessorizing Simply Makes a Big Impact

bohemian girl’s wardrobeWith much of a bohemian girl’s wardrobe consisting of simple, breezy separates, understated dresses, and playful jumpsuits, adding a touch of extra drama and glam to a boho look is super simple. The addition of a simple black choker can add some texture and style to an otherwise super simple look.

You may also consider a touch of turquoise or gold in a subtle piece of jewelry to help you stand out or invest in a dramatic shoe to bring your look over the top. For a little something extra, bohemian girls also love layering bracelets, bangles, and necklaces for a distinctly southwestern feeling vibe. These stunning pieces are perfect, whether you’re headed to a three-day musical festival, off for a spontaneous road trip or just moving through the everyday grind. Giving your ensemble just a hint of southwestern flair can be enough for you to exude the calm confidence that bohemian women tend to portray so effortlessly. Other bohemian-influenced items like chic bandanas and free-flowing scarves also work seamlessly into a hippy-like look.

5. You Can Make Your Hair the Star of the Show

aspects of bohemian stylePerhaps one of the most appealing aspects of bohemian style is making your fabulous mane the star of the show! Any of your favorite bohemian outfits go perfectly with wild and free hair, accented with flowers, headpieces, and accessories that will be the centerpiece of your show-stopping look. Whether you’re rocking some barely-brushed waves, locks crimped to perfection or a specific style, adding a whimsical piece to your head can instantly equate to bohemian perfection.

No matter how you decide to embrace the beauty, simplicity, and ease of bohemian style, remember to have fun with your fashion and make your looks something that reflects your individual style!

Author Bio:

Cara Sipan is a model, artist, and owner of an online boutique, The Next Native. She loves the adventurous spirit that the bohemian style brings to the world of fashion. When she’s not busy curating gorgeous pieces to feature in her store, she’s exploring the natural beauty of Southern California.


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