6 Signs That Your Relationship is Worth Keeping


Have you ever been in a relationship in which you thought you finally got right? With all the signs, palm reading , and prayers – some are really true while others are not – you may get dazed and confused. So really, how will you know that your relationship is worth keeping? And that the person you are currently with is “the one”?

Whether you are single, in a relationship, complicated fling or whatnot, even just for fun, maybe you can check this out and see the signs yourself:

Relationship is Worth Keeping

1. You love and know each other

Getting to know each other takes time. You may be together for a couple of years, and you would still discover lots of stuff about your partner. This stage can never be rushed. You may talk 24/7 just to catch up, but you cannot deeply know and appreciate a person overnight.

On the other hand, apparently, your relationship is worth keeping if you love each other. It is not easy to define love and even give premises about it. But when you are with that person, you just know and feel like everything is in its rightful place. However, you should not settle for that feeling, state or emotion. Love should keep you going and inspired to do greater things.

2. Growing independently yet together

Not a relationship narrative but I have a suitor who told me that it is fine if we don’t talk that much as if we are under surveillance of one another. We don’t have to feel that it is a must or be pressured because of whatever reason it is. I honestly appreciate that thought for he recognizes that we have lots of things on our plate and we have to keep going. Whatever we have should not hinder us, but rather inspire us.

One thing we should always remember that engaging in a relationship does not mean that you succumb to the identity of your partner, and vice versa. You don’t have to forget your identity. Keep in mind that you are two independent people, harmoniously co-existing with one another and you don’t have to ignore your self-identity. One of the signs that your relationship is healthy is when you inspire your partner to grow and help him or her to be a better version of him or herself.

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3. Having different priorities is not an issue

Contrary to what other people believe, your relationship may not always be your top priority. Let us be realistic, some of us will choose our families, career or even friends over our relationship. It is fine but of course on a case to case basis. What my former professor and now a good friend told me about relationships and priorities is that it is okay not to be always the number one priority but not to be the last.

So if you and your partner are juggling things all at the same time, and you understand well each other, then maybe your relationship is worth keeping.

4. There is always give and take

Another remarkable anecdote I have encountered online is about giving and having 100% love all the time. There might be days where you can’t give a 100%, maybe just 60%. But your partner will fill up what you may not be able to provide. Just to make this short, there is a balance of giving and take.

5. The relationship is not toxic and manipulative

One of the things I hate the most seeing on the Internet are the immature and draggy “relationship goals.” The guy has too many unnecessary requests and notes for the girl, or vice versa. Seriously? Who says that those toxic notes are sweet?

Similar to previously pointed above (growing independently yet together), you should let your partner just to be him or herself. You cannot and should never control your special someone. Worst is you play-victim or manipulate matters just to make that person stay with you. That’s not even loving, and it will not make your relationship stronger or even together.

6. You still see each other growing old together

“Grow Old With You” is such a feel-good song and makes you think about your partner. You imagine yourselves together, still happy after all the years and challenges you have been thru. If you are not seeing your special someone while planning or dreaming about your future, think again! Well, of course, some people don’t want to dwell yet on this stage, but they want to enjoy what they currently have on their table. But if you are together for three or more years, you must thoroughly think or reflect about your relationship.

To sum it all up, your relationship is still worth keeping if you continue to work things out, have the willingness and effort to do such. You don’t settle for words or promises. You may believe in palm readings about your future, but not solely rely on it. You exert effort to get what you want to have.

After reading, and if you are currently in a relationship, can you confidently say it is worth keeping? Or what are the things you should work on? It is never too late to make things right!



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