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Fendi Fan di Fendi for women

Perfumed water Fan di Fendi Eau de Parfum from Fendi – launched in September 2010

In autumn 2010, the Italian House FENDI (Fendi) after a five-year creative pause launched its new fragrance – the Women perfume Fan di Fendi (Fan di Fendi). In place of the luxurious classic masterpieces comes the incendiary glamorous energy of modern parties, laid in more understandable perfume forms. Fan di Fendi is a sensual and passionate, youthful and mischievous fragrance designed for a “free, cheerful and energetic woman”.

Fan di Fendi
Fan di Fendi – a Passionate Fragrance for Women

“Fan di Fendi – an ingot of sensual gold, against the charm of which it is impossible to resist.” As if Italy itself with its rich history, bright sun, sparkling sea and easy, carefree, aristocratic life was embodied in the radiance of Fan di Fendi. (Official press release) The perfume “Fan di Fendi” is a new modern embodiment of the perfume traditions of the legendary Fashion House, dedicated to the cult models of bags that were created by the brand Fendi.

Delphine Lebeau-Krowiakj perfumers from Parfums Luxe International and Francois Demachy, creative director of LVMH Fragrances Brands (Dior, Guerlain, Fendi and others) became the authors of the luxurious flower-fruit composition.

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The bold introduction of the fragrance Fan di Fendi is based on the freshness of the complex fruit chord from the sweet notes of the Calabrian tangerine, the juicy pear and the tart, slightly bitterish shades of blackcurrant intertwined with the spicy note of pink pepper from the island of Reunion (an island in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar). In the romantic, very feminine “heart” of the composition is the sunny floral fragrance of the Damascus rose, yellow jasmine and Indian tuberose. A subtle base chord, combining “cleaned” earthy notes of Indonesian patchouli and light resinous hints of soft skin into rich harmony, effectively highlighted the colourful glamorous chic of the new Fendi perfume.

The modern and compelling design of the bottle Fan di Fendi was developed by Fabien Baron (the founder of the agency Baron & Baron). In a luxurious design symbolic symbols are collected, thanks to which the House of Fendi has become a recognizable world brand. The massive rectangular bottle is made of transparent glass and fastened with elegant panels of gold-plated metal in the form of a brand logo (double “F”) embodied in the form of a buckle “Fendi Forever”, which was invented in 1997 for Baget bag. This small elegant bag made a real sensation in the fashion world. Its author is Maria Silvia Venturini Fendi (Silvia Venturini Fendi), the great-granddaughter of the founders of the legendary brand Fendi, creative director of the House, heads the line of accessories. A small, enamelled black cover copies the look of the lacquer buckle in bags from the 2009 Fendi Peek-a-boo collection. Through the pure architectural lines of the Fan di Fendi bottle from Fendi, a golden fragrant liquid shines.

Bright yellow, soaked in the energy of the Italian sun, the cardboard package of the perfume is stylized under the skin and decorated with gold embossing of the name of the fragrance.

Three young beauties were invited to the advertising company Fan di Fendi: the Polish model Anja Rubik, the Australian supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw and the model from Estonia Karmen Pedara. Under the hot rock and roll rhythms of the Cheap and cheerful band The Kills and the extravaganza of spotlights, they perform sensual liberated dance, embodying the motto of the company “Fendi Girls are free and self-confident; therefore nothing is impossible for them”. The director and the main ideological inspirer of the project was the famous creative director Fabien Baron (Fabien Baron). Shooting video and photo advertising «Fan di Fendi» supervised by the famous operator Darius’om Khondji (worked on the films Seven, Beach, Evita, etc.).


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