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Armani Code Sport Athlete Perfume ReviewArmani Code Sport Athlete – Olympic drive in a new fragrance from Giorgio Armani

Eau De Toilette Water Armani Code Sport Athlete – novelty 2012

Male cologne Armani Code Sport Athlete (Armani Code Sports Athlete) from Giorgio Armani is a “sports” re-release of one of the most iconic perfumes in the Armani line, released in limited edition. The original fragrance Armani Code was released in 2004 and made such a sensation that the Italian house still does not miss the opportunity to release another flanker, in the success of which you can be confident in advance. In fact, the novelty is not so much a remake of the original flavor, but an ideological extension of one of the flankers, Armani Code Sport, released in 2011.

A limited edition of the best-selling cheap perfume is timed to the holding of the Summer Olympic Games in London. Indeed, the first association that arises when familiarized with the Armani perfume Code Sports Athlete – this is a real heroic power. Imagination draws the power and masculinity of the first Olympic athletes, the beauty of the Mediterranean landscapes and, of course, the endless drive accompanying the Olympics.

Presentation Armani Code Sport Athlete was held in 2012 in the run-up to the heat of the Olympic passions. The novelty retained all the features for which the audience loved the original “sport” and added more freshness and drive to its design. If in the original version the emphasis was placed on the seductiveness of the fragrance, then in this case, the stress was made on unrestrained primitive masculine power.

Over the creation of the smell, as well as over its predecessor, worked a super-popular perfumer Jacques Cavalier (Jacques Cavalier). In addition to close cooperation with Armani’s house, this nose has become famous for fruitful work on the hit products of such brands as Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne and other not less eminent companies. To preserve the recognizable features of the original version, the author decided not to make any significant changes to the composition, only slightly adding it with spicy incense.

The result is simply amazing – this smell very accurately conveys the essence of this man, he sings the ode to physical strength and willingness to overcome any obstacles. Without excessive modesty, we can say that the novelty is worthy of a place on the perfume Olympus.

The new edition was not awarded a separate advertising campaign, but, it’s fair to note that the promotional video of the original men’s perfume Armani Code Sport is able to accurately reflect the concept of the flanker. Recall that in the first version of the advertisement, actress Megan Fox was photographed, under the spell of an excellently folded model, Chris Folz (Chris Folz). This charming couple would become a beautiful face for the “athletic” version – their beauty is worthy of the perfection of the Olympic gods, and the freshness and temptation with which the movie script is saturated are completely preserved in the flanker.

The incredibly fresh composition surprises with its simplicity and, at the same time, subtlety and richness. An amazing combination of three varieties of peppermint simply cannot remain indifferent – uncontrollable energy is enclosed in every level of the olfactory composition of the novelty. The top notes dipped us in the ringing citrus freshness of mandarin and lemon. Simply amazing heart of the perfume sparkles with the nuances of peppery, curly and wild mint. The spicy plume excites with its refined vivacity – it is represented by the chords of vetiver, Ambroxan, ginger and, incense.

The bottle of the new edition is strikingly different from the original – despite the fact that the designers retained the forms, to which the public was accustomed yet in 2001, the exterior remained without a corporate “noir” design – the black color was replaced by light blue. Perhaps, it is this color solution that best conveys the vigorous concept of composition.

This smell will be an ideal “gadget” in the wardrobe of a man who is not used to sitting in a place that never drops his hand before any, even insurmountable, obstacles that knows what he wants and knows how to get it.

The new edition will go on sale in the concentration of toilet water (Eau de Toilette) in 75 ml bottles. Please note that the number of new items is limited – hurry to get a stunning smell from Armani, while it can still be found.


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