4 Smart Tricks to Enhance Your Air Cooler’s Efficiency


An air cooler was invented and used in ancient Egypt and Persia. It was used in the form of wind shafts on the roof. The then used technology was to hold the wind and make it pass it over subterranean water. It is what gave the first inspiration to the development of a modern day air cooler.

Air Cooler

The technology may have evolved including the size of the air coolers, but the concept on which the air coolers work is the same.

An air cooler draws air from outside a room and runs it via water-soaked cooling pads which are then distributed in the form of cool air by the blower/fan. Air cooler remains an economical alternative to stay cool during the uncomfortable summer months.

However, many people see that their air coolers are not working or failing to deliver. An air cooler can work to provide efficient cooling if you can follow some tips. Read on!

Easy ways to make your air cooler work efficiently

Place your cooler properly

Another way to enhance the efficiency of the air cooler is to place it right in front of a window. The concept is simple – the hotter is the air faster will be evaporation leading to cooler air discharged by the fan. Once you have set the cooler right and getting cool air, don’t move it around.

Drop ice cubes in the water tank

Adding ice to the water tank can help it make the pads even cooler, resulting in colder air passing via it. You should also ensure not to add more ice to the cooler as it will slow down the evaporation process. Over time, it can then hamper the efficiency of the Kenstar air cooler or any other.

Maintain the air cooler frequently

Servicing of any home appliances or other machines is important to keep it working at its optimum level. An air cooler is not an exception. It is vital to clean the water tank and ensure that there are no leaks at all. Also, swiping over the fan blades will also assist in the improvement of the efficiency by a mile.

Ensure proper ventilation in the room

Many people run their Symphony air cooler and any other brands in a closed space like an air conditioner. They assume that if they open the windows, then it will not be good for the air cooler to work property. It’s not true! When it comes to a Crompton air cooler or any other, a smooth airflow is essential for cooling.

Also, the creation of good ventilation in the room to cut off the humidity is equally important. To do this, you can open the windows in the room slightly. Do not open them wide as it will lead to an increase in the room temperature.

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Some of the easy-to-follow tips that will quickly increase the efficiency of an air cooler are discussed.

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