Everything You Need To Know About A Throttle Body Injection Kit


Are you willing to replace your old carburetor for something new and unconventional? You can certainly opt for the throttle body injection kits. TBI fuel injectors are the kind of injection system with the help of which fuel can easily be injected into the body of the throttle. This equipment works either with one injector or with a pair of them.

There are a large number of companies which are known for selling the best quality throttle body injection kits to the companies that sell classic cars and hot rods of award-winning quality. If equipped with the right kind of throttle body injection kit, even a classic car can function just as well as any modern-day vehicle.

The piece of equipment enables the car to function properly by providing it with the features like old and hot starting, better control of the fuel mixtures for protecting the engine, and better drivability.

Throttle Body Injection Kit

Working Of The Throttle Body Injectors

TBI is an equipment which is used for injecting fuel inside a car. This kind of “fuel injection system” has two main parts, namely the throttle body and the fuel body. While the fuel body is used for supplying the fuel, the throttle body is the part that controls the amount of air flowing with the help of a valve.

Therefore, if you are planning to replace your carburetor, consult the experts and gift your car the goodness of a throttle body injection kit. This can help to increase the performance of your car, improve fuel efficiency, enhance the power of the vehicle and boost its drivability. This works best for classic cars.

The Advantages Of Throttle Body Fuel Injectors

Stated below are the advantages of a throttle body injection kit:

  1. They are less expensive as compared to the other kinds of fuel injection systems.
  2. There are fewer parts, which makes it easy to maintain, clean and service as and when required.
  3. This equipment is straightforward and cheap to manufacture, unlike a port injection system. Not only this but a throttle body injection kits are also very simple to diagnose and repair.
  4. This device can help to improve the metering of the fuel as compared to the carburetors.

The Disadvantages Of Throttle Body Fuel Injectors

Some of the disadvantages of a throttle body injection kit are as follows:

  1. The mixture of fuel/air that is injected is different for each cylinder. In this aspect, this is more or less the same as the TBI carburetors.
  2. Because of this, the manifold cools down much faster. This causes the fuel to condense and then form puddles in the manifold. As the fuel travels a long distance starting from the body of the throttle up to the combustion chamber, the chances that the fuel will condense are much higher.
  3. As the injector has to be placed at the top of the combustion chamber, it becomes difficult to modify the design of the manifold to improve the performance of the car.

However, these disadvantages are not so serious, and they can be easily fixed with the help of an expert. They should not stop you from opting for this wonderful option. These days, a majority of cars make use of this fuel injection technique, and many consumers are using it to improve the efficiency of their car’s fuel.


Initially, the cars used a carburetor. However, carburetors used to dump the gasoline into engines. Apart from that, people also faced trouble in driving cars which had carburetors in the winter season. After that, the TBIs came into use which was much like an electronic carburetor. Throttle body injection kit has made fuel delivery way more precise and efficient. It also helps to lower the emission of energy and reduce the amount of fuel consumption. So, these are the choice of the day when it comes to throttle body fuel injectors.


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