Top 10 Modern Ideas to Apply in your Home Improvement Today


Are you looking for the new ideas to remodel your home or some home improvement tasks to do this year? Have you created a list of to-do things to apply for renovating your home? Not yet?

You may spend some time online on searching best ideas to renovate your home but the fact is that internet is flooded with thousands of ideas and it may be difficult for you to choose your top 10. This post about the top 10 modern ideas to apply in your home improvement today will help you in choosing best ideas for your home improvement.

Are you ready to jump over your home improvement project? Wait a minute, few things to consider before starting your home improvement process.

  • Know your budget – No matter what your plans are even for a small change or renovation in your home you will need money. Create a list of things you are going to change and make a budget accordingly. Make sure your home improvement may not bankrupt you LOL. All items that you will buy for the renovation can be purchased online but if you already have a list of things to buy then use a parcel consolidation service so that you can ship everything at one go and save on shipping individual items.
  • Know your home capacity – Every home has its limitations and you must create your home renovation plans according to your home capacity.
  • Hire professionals only – You can perform little changes in your home to make it better by yourself but if you are going to invest your hard earned money in renovating your home then you must go with the professionals. Doing this will ensure the best use of your every single penny and the final results will be amazing.
  • Look for the permits – Your home improvement project may include many structural changes and you may need a permit to do so.

Now, it’s time to have a look at the top 10 list:

1.Paint it

As part of the maintenance contract overseen by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District, workers paint houses in the Villaggio Housing Area at Vicenza, Italy. The contract includes painting the exterior and maintaining landscaping in preparation for new tenants.

If you don’t want to do a lot of changes in your home then painting your house may give it a completely new look. Additionally, you can make a few more changes to compliment it such as changing the curtains, upgrading the shelves, improving home furniture, upgrading lighting and other kinds of stuff.

You can do numerous things with the paint to make your house look fabulous. There are many latest themes and wall stickers available in the market which will take your home coloring to a new level.

2.Upgrade your kitchen

upgrading kitchen

The kitchen is like the heart of your house and if you think the design of your kitchen is outdated then you must upgrade your kitchen.

Are you looking for the ways to update your kitchen? Here are few of the ways listed below:

  • Improve lighting
  • Bring new and latest hardware for your kitchen
  • Repaint cabinets
  • Include simple shelves so your kitchen won’t look messy
  • Replace the sink
  • Replace flooring and change wall paint


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3.Gift your house a few smart home gadgets

You are not living in the 50’s and you must add a few smart gadgets to make your home modern. From lightings to electric switches and from the air conditioner to speakers there are more than thousands of smart home gadgets available in the market.

These smart home devices can be connected with your mobile devices over the internet, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and can be operated wirelessly from a great distance. As for example you can connect a smart electric switch with your smartphone and can turn off and turn on your electric devices from anywhere.

Search for smart home devices online and I am sure you will find tons of them. Buy a few smart home devices according to your budget home requirement.

4.Vertical herb garden

herb garden

Now, this is really cool and the best part of a vertical herb garden is that it consumes less space and can be installed in small houses too.

You will get an endless supply of herbs with this vertical herb garden. Herbs don’t need much sunlight thus it can be grown indoors. You don’t have to walk through your backyard garden for fresh parsley or thyme, with this vertical herb garden all you can get next to your sink or kitchen window.


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5.Upgrade bathroom


Bringing few bathroom accessories such as bathroom towels, curtains, bath rugs etc can make a huge difference and refresh the whole look but you can go one step further by changing the bathtubs, vanity or the whole interior of your bathroom.

Spend money on making your bathroom smarter this year. You can buy a few smart bathroom accessories to make it modern such as:

  • Motion sensor tap
  • App-controlled smart shower
  • Electric toothbrush
  • Smart mirrors
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers
  • Smart privacy shower glass
  1. Go solar


Going solar will make your home smarter and energy efficient at the same time. Why pay more for electricity if you can make electricity from the sun for almost free.

Solar equipment is a nearly one-time investment and you just have to spend little resources on its maintenance. You can install solar panels in your backyard or even on the roof.

If you own a small apartment house and don’t have much space to install solar panels then you can buy a few solar appliances to save money on electricity bills. Doing this will make your home both modern and smarter.

  1. Use unused home space

A modern home should not look messy and using the unused home spaces you can store your home stuff in a more organized way.

Some of the places you must look for creating extra space in your home are under stairs, at the corners, window side, attic, under the bed, basement etc. Add smart shelves to make your boring home walls awesome.

  1. Walk in pool


Your backyard can be the perfect place for a walk in the pool. If you don’t have a pool in your home then you must call professionals to build one this year.

Every modern house should have a pool but what can you do if you don’t have enough space in your backyard. Don’t feel down a pool can be built indoors too.

Yes, an indoor pool which can be built in any of your rooms or even on your rooftop.

9.Work on your backyard

A boring backyard contains a small garden with lawn grass, few plants, pet houses, and other related kinds of stuff. Make your boring backyard awesome by including few modern elements to it.

You can use your backyard space for multiple purposes and give it a completely a new and modern look. Do you know what the ways your backyard can be used are? No, here I have featured a few ways to make your backyard more modern.

  • Build a small home office
  • Build a pool
  • Add patio
  • Water fountain
  • Improve lighting
  1. Try digital locks

smart locks

Forget the keys now you can open your doors with your voice commands and some also come with face reorganization unlocking feature.

What will be better than a smart door for a modern home? The smart locks are equipped with a camera and can be connected with your smartphone. These smart locks can also monitor the activities outside and inside the house and can send notifications to your mobile devices.

Bottom Line

There are tons of home improvement ideas available online and this may overwhelm you. If you want to upgrade your home then firstly you should make a list of things you want to update.

Making your home a little modern is not a rocket science but it is not very easy at all. Make a plan, call the professionals and invest wisely to achieve the best results.


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