6 Outfits You Need to take on an All-Girl Trip to Paris


Paris invented Haute Couture and gave femininity the ramp of creativity but young lasses– despite Vogue and the Paris Fashion Week – are still trying to understand the basic French-girl dress code.

Ironically, tackling your wardrobe and turning it upside down isn’t apparently going to help. Sure, Paris might take the cake for being romantic and ideal for two, but going to the city of French coif and couture with a group of girlfriends might be liberating as ever, and it’s time you gave stag trips a chance.

Trip to Paris
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We all know that you have waited for your all-girl trip to Paris for a long time, but this vacation isn’t like any other. You’re about to live your life as a Parisian in a few days, so it’s time to ditch the athletic gear and get a manicure because honey, you’re about to need more than a trip to the chez le coiffeur.

6 Outfits for Your Fashion Brigade

Mentioned below are 6 outfits that are definitely going to save you girls from embarrassing yourselves during your sightseeing trips and night outs.

1)   Light-Blue or Cream-Colored Skirt

If your wardrobe is all about bright colors and painfully striking prints, then it’s time you and your girlfriends took a detour and shopped the latest look in neutral couture.

Cream-Colored Skirt
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Tans and creams are the ultra-VIPs of Parisian couture and allow you to blend in with the historical buildings or the croissants at most. Instead of throwing in shiny, sequined shirts into your backpack or stroller, try packing a white laced shirt or nude top and pair them with subtly colored skirts – mocha brown, cream or sky-blue would do too.

If you think you’re ready to go and march along the Champs Elysees, then milady, you’re not. Throwing on a skirt and a top might be simpler in American fashion, but while you’re in Paris, you need a hat, some boots or sneakers and a lady-bag as well. Just so you know, Paris is covered with cobblestone streets, so marching in Dior’s heels might slightly be difficult during sightseeing trips.

Black Color Top
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Pair your skirt with a wide-brimmed straw hat or perhaps a woven Panama hat and a couple of block heels or Vans to complete the look. Throw along an Adidas Crossbody or perhaps a straw tote or purse to pull off the entire chic look.

2)   Did Someone Say Cashmere

Parisian weather is unpredictable – while the March wind doesn’t blow any good, you can pack a couple of articles that can help you save yourself from the wrath of winter or the brutal autumn breeze.

We’d suggest you pack a cream-colored cashmere sweater or a knitted-braided sweater of the same neutral color to protect you from any weather crisis. Since Parisian weather is somewhat elegant throughout the year, a cashmere sweater wouldn’t add to your troubles or luggage.

braided sweater
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Don’t forget to pack a pair of jeans to Paris – we don’t expect you to swirl in your skirts for the rest of your trip, anyway. However, Parisian couture doesn’t welcome skinny jeans; per se. 2019 is all about straight jeans that taper slightly towards the calves in order to create the room.

Pull over your nude cashmere sweater over your straight jeans or pair your knit cardigan with a plain white t-shirt and complete the look with a couple of white ankle-boots, or the Vans you packed previously would do too.

3)   High-Waisted Pants

You’re roaming about in Paris without a pair of high-waisted pants hugging your curves? How dare you commit such a sinuous, unforgiveable fashion crime? Paris couture tends to highlight articles of clothing that somehow shed light on the body and therefore, accentuate your figure. The Parisian femme isn’t complete without a pair of high-waisted pants for a fine dine-out or a night out to the bar.

High-Waisted Pants
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Pair your high-waisted pants or trousers with the same white lacey top you packed earlier or take along a striped or nude colored tee and a plain button-down shirt to your trip. If you’re all of the same size, then pack a couple of t-shirts or button-down shirts and lowers per person and mix ‘n’ match and accessorize as you go.

4)   Oversized or Trench Overcoat

In order to avoid taking a cream-coloured faux shearling jacket to your all-girl trips – because let’s face it, you’re overflowing with neutral coloured clothing – take a leap of faith, and choose something else. Outerwear is necessary while going on any trip, and if it’s Paris, then the Cashmere sweater might not save you from the drizzle alone.

Trench Overcoat
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Take along a 1980s oversized overcoat – The Rock’s size – that has drooping shoulders and sleeves as long as Pinocchio’s nose. A double-breasted black, grey or brown trench coat would do the job too. Take along a warm beanie and pair of knee high boots for the trip. You can always pair the latter with your skirts if you think you’re carrying too much of a load that is unnecessary.

5)   A Magnificent Black Dress

Parisians aren’t too cool to prevent themselves from dressing up in an all-black attire. Since we’ve stocked up on the neutral palette for your entire Parisian trip, it’s time to take a break and pack a couple of black pieces as well.

Black Dress
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Firstly, you’d need a sleek and slender black dress for your night outs. Pack one along with a black velvet or leather midi/long skirt to take on the trip. You can pair your skirt with any of the tops we’ve mentioned before, or if you like, you can always go for a black turtleneck or a houndstooth top with a deep plunging line to pull off a night on the town. If you’ve packed your midi, then bring a belt with you as well.

6)   You Wear a Maxi, Don’t You?

There’s not one Parisian trip that’s complete without maxis. If you want to be a Parisian femme wear a big patterned maxi. Paris is mostly sunny during the summers so your dress can be flowy or flared. An intricately designed maxi with smoky eyes or dark pouts – on a night out to a club, is perhaps a good idea. Floral maxis can also be worn while adventuring in the daylight.

Wear a Maxi
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The rules of wearing a maxi have changed. You can wear sneakers with the dress if you’re not comfortable roaming around the streets of Paris in high heels. Pairing a max with denim jacket creates a svelte finish. Wearing maxi with a belt also accentuates your small waist. You’ll look ravishing in a slit dress, going out for a dinner date with your gal pals.

While we’re done addressing the essentials to take on an all-girl trip to Paris, please make sure you don’t forget to pack a pair of lingerie and swimsuits along as well. Take a bandana along and enjoy as you splash in the waters. Also, make sure you leave your athletic gear and sweatpants back home since Parisian femmes might give you a glare if they spot you in your too-casual look. Your Parisian adventure awaits – make sure you visit the Eiffel Tower and make the most of it.


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