Best Alternatives to Rabbit(Kast) And Similar Sites


Kast, also called Rabbit, was an online video streaming platform and mobile app. Launched in late 2021, and available in several locations across the globe, the service allowed multiple individuals to remotely stream and view the same media simultaneously. Unlike other services that require a broadband connection on a laptop, one only needs Internet access and a smartphone to be able to utilize this service. The Rabbit service streams the original video stream from the web server, which is managed by a Rabbit server app. One can also connect to the webserver and stream any video that they want, at any time they want, from anywhere in the world.

In fact, there are two versions of Rabbit. The free version allows users to stream only two videos and two photos each month. However, the paid version, Rabbit HD, offers unlimited access to more than 2 million channels. Another interesting feature is the integration of Facebook and Twitter to enable users to tweet about the videos instantly after they are uploaded on the Rabbit website.

The video streams are not limited to the United States only. Anyone can view the streaming videos from Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, China, Netherlands, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, and other European countries.

Another exciting thing that makes Rabbit stand out from the rest of the video streaming platforms is its integration with YouTube. This means that if you have a video posted on YouTube, you can directly share it on the Rabbit site.

You can also embed a code in your websites that will allow your visitors to share the video with their friends. If you intend to launch a promotional campaign using the social marketing medium, it is time to give Rabbit a try!


Here are the best alternatives to Rabbit:

Meta stream

Meta stream is a brand new web-based app extension that offers users access to live, streaming video from any smartphone or tablet. The service works just like YouTube, but instead of uploading and sharing your videos directly to your browser, you can stream them right onto Meta stream in real-time.

Meta stream works as a video sharing platform by allowing users to upload their own videos for others to view instantly and to share the videos across the Internet in real-time.


Watch2Gether is a high-traffic web video-sharing community that’s very similar to YouTube but geared more towards the business community. The site allows you to upload and share your own videos and even allows others in your community to do the same.

This is a great feature for many reasons, as it allows you to get instant publicity and spread your message far beyond the scope of your normal video sharing site. If you haven’t already created a Watch2Gether account, why not give it a shot today?


Netflix is fast becoming the entertainer of choice for many movie lovers who are looking for quality entertainment online. The popular streaming service today already has several original award-winning movies and series, most notably the Oscar-winning The Social Network and box office smash The Girl With The Top. In addition to these two Oscar winners, Netflix also boasts several documentaries that have been winning awards and topping polls for months and years now. 


Sharetube has been one of the fastest-growing video hosting sites on the internet today. The site allows its users to upload and share videos with other members of their community and the website shows search engine results from top video sharing sites. With an easy-to-use interface, Sharetube is a great video hosting and communication tool for the masses. However, despite its popularity, many are finding that it lacks a few key features that could be used to improve the service. 


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