How To Download and Install Openthos Andriod OS


The Openthos Android operating system for mobiles is currently being developed by Google. This is in stark contrast to the iPhone which has Apple making most of the smartphones and software applications. If you are going to go with the Openthos phone, make sure that it will have all the applications that you need and that it comes with Google’s Android operating system software.

The iPhone and its relatives like the Android smartphone are mainly for entertainment purposes while the Openthos is for business. Therefore, if you are into business, you will find the Openthos a much better option than Apple’s iPhone since you can use the phone for more than just entertainment purposes.

The unique thing about the Openthos phone is that it allows you to access various other applications apart from Google’s own. You can use IM and text chat services. There is also an integrated browser and calendar that let you keep track of your appointments, bookmarks, and reminders, etc. The battery life on this phone is pretty good too so that you won’t have to worry about being stuck in a call center all day long.

Since the Openthos is an open-source phone, it will be coming up with an OS X version soon that will be compatible with Apple’s Mac OS. So if you have always wanted to use an iPhone but were put off by its price, you can now have a gadget that is much cheaper than an iPhone.

But the thing about this phone is that it lacks the big features of the iPhone like the screen size and the applications but it does have a lot of useful features. The price is definitely an issue, as you have to fork out about $300 for a base model though. But if you think about the features that this phone has and how it will fit into your life, you will realize that it’s worth the money.


Downloading and installing Openthos Android OS on PC is a fairly easy process. 

  • The first step is to grab a copy of the Openthos Android OS download file, which you can get from the official website for download. Save this file on your PC. You can either do a one-click installation or you can perform an automated installation.
  • Open your FTP client and connect it to your Android-powered tablet via USB cable. Navigate to the Android folder and locate your downloaded file. It is located in the Android folder on your desktop. Once you have located it, double click on the downloaded file and it will open. You will see an option for installing the application on your android-powered tablet.
  • The next step is to install the application by using the steps stated above. You should see a green arrow icon on the screen. Once you click on it, you will be taken to the Openthos main page. Here you will find information about the new software and a link for purchasing the device.
  • The last step is to log into your Google account. Type “openthos download” into the Google search box and click on the search button. A page with the download link will be displayed. Follow the given link to reach the download page and read the instructions on the page. If you are still having trouble, you can use the Google Play Store for purchasing the latest version of the software.


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