Bamboo Bats – Game Changing Weapon for Cricket


A research on Bamboo bats conducted by Darshil Shah and Ben Tinkler-Davies of Cambridge University noted that bats made out of laminated bamboo were 40% heavier and robust than those made from traditional English willow.

In simple terms, batsmen will be able to hit the ball much harder because these bats have a bigger sweet spot.

The researchers have also found that the bamboo bat is 22% stiffer than English willow, which increases the speed at which the ball leaves the bat.

Bamboo Bats

What makes bamboo bats such a tantalising option:

Bats made of bamboo are more sustainable and cheaper as compared to english willow.

The willow trees typically take around 15 years to mature as compared to bamboo which is a grass and takes only 7 years to reach maturity.

Bamboo is found in abundance in China and parts of South-East Asia.

The sweet spot on a bamboo makes it easier to hit more shots.

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) Unmoved:

It is not an easy task to convince the custodian of cricket.

Law 5.3.2 stipulates that bats must consist solely of wood and it would require the law to be amended for usage of bamboo in making bats.

MCC has worked hard to maintain balance between bat and ball and ensure that bats aren’t too powerful.

For now MCC has said in statement that the topic of bamboo bats will be considered and discussed at next meetings.


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