How To Maximise Your Winnings With The Best Indian Cricket Betting Apps?


Winning is every player’s goal when playing fantasy cricket or any other fantasy sport. But it is crucial to note that the aspect and condition changes in cricket. That doesn’t mean that winning and making profits is impossible. It means you must apply the right strategy and tips for it to work. To make consistent winnings and earn more, you can use the following strategies.

Best Indian Cricket Betting Apps

1.     Research the conditions

Cricket is a game affected by the weather and the pitch conditions. Due to that fact, it is crucial to consider the weather, humidity and pitch before placing a bet.

For instance, countries such as England and Australia are used to green pitches due to the climate and geographical location. So, it’s obvious they will perform better in similar conditions. However, if they play in Indian subcontinent pitches, which are dry and dusty, they might not play well.

In most sports, the field does not determine the performance like in cricket. Therefore, thoroughly researching conditions before placing a bet plays a considerable role in increasing your winning chances. So, when playing games in the best online casinos in India, do thorough research for the best results.

2.     Use Statistical analysis

If you are new to fantasy sports, planning how to bet on cricket on an online cricket betting app can be challenging. But thanks to the available statistics that have become part of the modern gaming scenario. This makes it easier to find detailed information on players and teams. You can find many cricket stats online with access to an internet connection and mobile devices. However, you will need more than just stats to make you a master in cricket betting. You must study the numbers to give you a better chance of succeeding or making optimal winning with your bets. Today, things are easier because you can analyse using online websites.

3.     Assess the teams

Assessing the squad before the game starts can boost your chance of winning in fantasy cricket. In other sports, such as football, players play different roles, so analysis of the line-ups can be challenging. But with cricket, it’s different because the teams’ setup is simple and easy to analyse.

For instance, if you see Team A has a better batting line-up than Team B, playing on Team A will help you increase your winning chances. However, a side with a potent bowling attack has an outstanding possibility of winning the game. For teams that have experienced all-rounders can also be very good performers. Some players shine with both bat and ball, strengthening the team. However, studying the team and players will increase the possibility of choosing winning cricket betting picks.

4.     Consider the head-to-head history

Checking records between two sides might seem obvious, but most people overlook it. Masters in cricket betting know what to look for when evaluating previous stats of the teams. But, for beginners looking at the outcome of games as well can enable you to identify some helpful trends.

Some teams have struggled against certain opponents previously, while others have performed well. You can only maximise your winnings by analysing the recent matches between teams. This will help you find information that will assist the predictions. Remember, when assessing, look at games won, win percentage, win margin, top wicket takers and top run scorers.

5.     Flat Betting

Another way you can maximise your cricket bets and win is to do flat betting. The strategy is simple, mathematical and the best for beginners. The principle behind flat bets is each stake is worth the same amount, no matter how many bets you place. But if you are not a risk taker, try going in with a small flat bet to avoid losing more. This cricket betting strategy minimises risk and ensures you only spend what you can afford to lose. It’s a fantastic way for players to maximise their winnings.

6.     Dogon strategy

It is also a mathematical strategy, and newbies like it. The principle is ‘playing catch up’, where you double stakes at each step to offset all losses incurred in previous rounds. You continue the process till you recover the losses with the starting bet plus the earned planned profits. The strategy is excellent for maximising cricket betting and winning in the short term.

Wagering is not easy, but winning will be the order of the day with the right tips and strategies. Most cricket bettors fail because they place their bets blindly without considering everything about the team and game. But they can enhance their winning chances by using flat betting, evaluating the squad, and using statistical analysis. This will significantly increase the winnings and profits when playing fantasy sports on the best Indian cricket betting apps.