‘Melrose Place’ and ‘Always’ Star Brad Johnson Actor Died at 62

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson, the star of the popular sitcom Always, died of COVID-19. The condition caused by the virus is causing the body to metabolize sugar in the blood. Brad Johnson loved the outdoors and was at his most comfortable while cowboying or hunting. He also loved his family. He is survived by his wife and six daughters. Brad was married to actress Laurie Johnson for 18 years.

The actor and model, who starred in Steven Spielberg’s “Always” and the popular Fox series “Melrose Place”, has died at the age of 62. The star was also a model and worked for such companies as Calvin Klein and Marlboro.

His rep confirmed the news in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter. Brad Johnson was a true renaissance man who was interested in everything life had to offer. He was an exceptional talent and will be missed by his family and many fans.

Brad Johnson was a rodeo model

Born in Tucson, Arizona, Brad Johnson began his career in the rodeo circuit in 1984. He was discovered by a casting director looking for cowboys for a beer commercial and became known as the Marlboro Man.

In 1986, he landed his first acting role as the cowboy in an episode of the CBS soap opera ‘Dallas.’ However, the early success of his career remained limited to a handful of films and commercials.

He played Matt Fielding in Melrose Place

Actor Brad Johnson played Matt Fielding in the ABC sitcom Melrose Place. As a high school student, Matt has a crush on Jane, but he is also interested in Brad. His parents suspect him of murder, but their actions win him back. In the end, he ends up in jail. Meanwhile, his parents are forced to put up a mortgage on the house, so Matt can stay in town for the holidays.

He was a Marlboro Man

The late actor starred in a number of Marlboro cigarette commercials and eventually became a famous actor. He also starred in several films, including Soldier of Fortune, Inc. and Melrose Place. Before moving into the world of acting, Johnson was a Marlboro Man.

He later went on to work in television, appearing in films such as CBS’s Dallas and Roger Corman’s Nam Angels. He also built a hunting lodge in New Mexico and restored Winchester Model 1886 rifles.

He was a renaissance man

Although he wasn’t active in films or television in recent years, Brad Johnson was a “renaissance man” at the time of his death. After retiring from acting, he built a hunting lodge in New Mexico and re-worked old rifles. In recent years, he also took up selling ranches in North Texas and exhibited his work around the world. His daughters are taking over his family business and ranch in North Texas.

He built a hunting lodge

The late Brad Johnson was best known for his appearances on CBS’s Dallas and the critically acclaimed film Nam Angels. The actor’s career was on the rise in the 1980s, but he had not been seen in the movies or television for several years.

He instead spent his time building a hunting lodge in New Mexico, restoring vintage rifles and selling real estate on his ranch in North Texas. After his death, his widow Laurie was left to raise his three children, Shane and Bellamy, as well as his fiancee, Rachel.

He restored Winchester Model 1886 rifles

Actor and collector Brad Johnson spent his free time in the great outdoors, restoring old Winchester Model 1886 rifles. He enjoyed the great outdoors in North Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. He was most interested in the Model 1886 rifles.

While living in these picturesque towns, he also had time to restore old rifles and work on his own projects. This is a short biography of Johnson, who spent a lifetime restoring antique Winchester rifles.


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