How to Pack & Move Safely During COVID-19: The Complete Guide


Our generation has never seen anything like the coronavirus pandemic until now. It has completely affected people globally and everything that came in its way like jobs, education, business, and most importantly – our daily lives. Even though COVID-19 cases are still on the rise, life has to move on.

Earlier, many people had postponed or canceled their move during the lockdown. But now, most people would be waiting to move since most of the country is recovering from the pandemic.

Relocating is a little complicated and the pandemic has just made things worse!

Hiring relocation experts can make your home shifting possible even during the COVID-19 situation and will help to relieve your stress. There’s no need to worry about safety as packers movers in Chandigarh or in your particular city are taking all possible precautions and following important safety standards to guarantee safe and healthy shifting. Before you begin searching for moving companies, it’s best to know some crucial safety measures to ensure secure moving.

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Important Precautions for You & Your Family

Moving amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is highly risky for you as well as others. So, it’s important to follow social distancing, regularly washing hands, and other precautionary steps, to ensure you & your family’s safety during home relocation.

  1. Keep a stock of sanitizers, hand wash, disposable towels, soap, disinfectants, etc.
  2. Maintain social distancing throughout the moving process
  3. Keep washing your hands and avoid touching your face
  4. Find out the status of virus infection rate in both your localities
  5. Make sure only 1 family member coordinates the move
  6. Keep kids and elderly people far away from the place of action

How Elderly People Can Manage their Move

As senior citizens are most vulnerable to contamination at this time, they can prefer to go for a ‘contactless moving procedure’ by choosing a young friend or family member to act as their agent and coordinate the entire move.

The appointed representative would be responsible for guiding the packing moving crew, carrying out the final walkthrough of the house before moving, signing the contract, and pay the movers.

How to Hire Good Movers?

#1: Check for Movers having Good COVID-19 Policy

Here are a few questions you need to ask packers and movers before hiring:

  • What safety measures are taken by your company for COVID-19?
  • Will your relocation staff wear proper PPE kits?
  • Are you regularly monitoring your moving team for symptoms?
  • Are you sanitizing packing and moving supplies after every move?
  • Do you use new packing material every time or reuse old ones?
  • Do you sanitize trucks before and after loading goods?
  • Will you do a virtual pre-move survey instead of at my home?
  • Will you give a soft copy for bills and insurance documents?
  • How can I reschedule my move if the need arises?
  • Should I take any specific precautions from my end?

#2: Get Multiple Cost Estimates

Take price quotations from at least 3-5 moving companies to compare estimated charges, services offered, service quality promised, and accordingly choose the most suitable one. Never go for lowest cost quotes as it may mean extremely poor-quality services or fraud.

#3: Go Digital

Request for virtual estimates so you avoid the risk of coming in close contact with the movers. Take a pre-recorded walk-through video of your goods or do a live video call. Alternatively, you can also send photos of your items to the relocation company.

#4: Compare Mover Details Before Finalizing

Before finalizing, you should compare the services and charges offered by each moving company and decide which mover is providing more value for money. Also, check their reviews and ratings to know their working method and service quality provided to previous customers.

Note: Rather than spending so much time and effort to look for movers, save time, and get references of the 3 best packers movers near your locality by telling us your shifting requirements. Our professional moving partners follow the necessary procedure for ensuring stress-free and secure relocation.

Protective Measures during Move Preparations

#1: Sort, Clean, Sanitize, Repeat

Apart from cleaning and sanitizing, it’s important to keep your list of moving items ready. Sort through all your things and declutter unused/unwanted items; finalize and shift only those goods which are very much needed and sure of using at your new home.

Also make sure to clean all households and sanitize everything to keep them ready before moving day.

#2: Pack your Essential Bags

Since you will not be able to unpack your goods immediately after moving, it would be best to keep your basic necessities close by to enjoy your regular everyday routine.

Make sure you pack an essential bag consisting of gloves, sanitizers, masks, Soaps & Toiletries, Medications, Clothes, Kid’s Items, Pet Food & Toys, Water & Snacks, Basic Kitchen Items, Clean Bedding, Important Documents, Laptop & other Electronics, Valuable Jewelry & Ornaments, Basic Cleaning Supplies, Cosmetics.

Keep your overnight bag in a separate room and carry it with you to avoid contamination.

#3: Schedule Your Move on the Best Day

Make sure you avoid crowded places and peak times for moving. Plan your move on weekdays (Mon-Thu) or middle of the month (6th – 24th of a month) so that not many people are shifting in this time and you can also save immensely in terms of money and time.

#4: Update Your New Address

Ensure you don’t miss out on important emails or online deliveries by updating your old address at important places. Visit your Post office, Educational institutions, Banks & Credit card firms, Insurance firms, Food delivery sites, Online shopping sites, and Magazine subscriptions.

#5: Manage Utility Services

Contact utility departments like Water, Electricity, Telephone & Internet, LPG Gas Agency, TV Dish or Cable, Newspaper Agency, Milk Vendors, Garbage Collection. Keep a record of your final meter readings before moving out.

#6: Check for Repairs Before Moving

Check the working condition of the drainage system, faucets, door hinges, electrical outlets, and fittings, etc., at your new place. Get them replaced or repaired before shifting to ensure a secure stay at the new place.

Precautionary Measures for Moving Day

#1: Check Movers Temperature and Mask/Gloves

Use a temperature gun to check moving labor’s temperature before they enter home. Also, make sure all of them are wearing PPE kits or at least masks and gloves before they begin the packing process.

#2: Provide Separate Hand-wash Station for Movers

Make sure you provide hand sanitizers to moving laborers for using regularly during the packing and moving process. Also give them a separate skin basin and soap & water where they can wash their hands.

#3: Maintain Social Distancing Throughout the Process

Make sure that you as well as the moving labor keep a safe distance of 6 feet throughout the shifting process, and everyone is wearing gloves, masks, and face shields at all times. Let your elderly parents and kids stay in a different room when movers are at home.

Safety Measures to Take at the New Home

#1: Sanitize & Disinfect Your Home

Clean your new home thoroughly from top to bottom and disinfect it before your goods arrive.

  • Use soap and warm water to wash the floors and kitchen surfaces to destroy bacteria, dirt, and grime.
  • Sanitize door handles, knobs, sinks, taps, countertop, etc., with disinfectant wipes.
  • Use disinfectant sprays to wipe down surfaces.
  • Wear face masks, gloves, rubber boots, eye protection, and avoid inhaling any fumes when using cleaning chemicals.

#2: Sanitize Your Items as soon as Delivered

Since the virus stays alive on different materials for different amounts of time, anywhere between 24 hours up to 72 hours (or a few days), it’s best to sanitize and disinfect all your delivered goods as soon as they are unloaded into the house. And make sure to leave the boxes untouched for a few days.

Also, it would be best to unpack all your belongings by yourself to prevent contamination or spread of bacteria & germs.

#3: Self-quarantine Yourself & Your Family

Although you took the necessary precautions and safety measures, it’s important that you keep an out for any symptoms to be on the safer side. Make sure you and/or your entire family stays in self-quarantine for a few days.

Wrapping it Up

Moving in the COVID-19 pandemic can be scary, considering the infections are spreading like wildfire.

If you have a choice ‘to move or not to move’, it’s best to opt for the latter. However, if it’s absolutely essential for you to relocate, you must prioritize you and your family’s health and safety, and ensure you take enough safety precautions. Always wear a face mask, gloves, and wash your hands regularly.

Also, when you plan to hire moving companies, make sure you look for professional relocation experts who follow all the essential safety measures & guidelines to be safe from COVID-19. Have a Healthy & Safe Relocation!


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