Celebrate the Earth Day with Some of the Most Awesome and Creative Ideas


Do you know that with every passing moment we are moving towards the disastrous verge that would ultimately lead to the catastrophic end of everything? And who is to be blamed for all this? Well, none other than we, mortal human beings. For ages, human beings have been recklessly using both the renewable and non-renewable sources without giving a second thought about the danger we are posing for our-self. Now, the situation has become so critical that we are in need of desperate measure for damage control. For this reason and to make people realize the danger they are living in, the international brethren decided in the year 1970 that 22 April would be celebrated as the Earth Day when every child of the Mother Nature would pledge his heart and soul to save the dying earth and nature.

earth day 2018

The year 2018 marks the 48th anniversary of Earth Day and every year, companies and various other institutions all over the earth work together and channelize their collaborative energies to touch the goal that have been set for the year. Though the date is fixed, i.e. 22 April, the conditions on the earth is changing and that’s why, every year a new set of goals are made and every effort is made to achieve them successfully. Now, you would be thinking that mine is not a Fortune 500 company, so what can be my contribution? There are certain initiatives that you, as a company, can take to make your contribution to save the planet. Want to know about them? Then, keep on reading.

Earth Day Giveaways for the Company

1. On the occasion of Earth Day, you can share your thoughts, policies, tactics and initiative taken pertaining to ‘Go Green’ on the various social media platforms. This would send a positive message in the community that you care about nature and the earth. You can send your followers eco-pens as an initiative to use more and more eco-friendly products.

2. In case yours is an online business with no brick and mortar store, then you can share various ideas, tips and ultimately, stories of your followers. This small step would help you to increase the awareness in the community.

3. Select a specific eco-friendly activity that you can start on Earth Day and continue as long as possible. For example, this year, stop using the plastic cups in the office and go for the porcelain branded mugs. Or step out with your team and visit the nearby park to have a few moments in the fresh air. In other words, involve every member of the staff and make them understand the importance of Earth Day.

4. Don’t forget to show your support towards the cause by sharing and tweeting through your social media handles and including a message for the same on your website.

earth day reusable bags

Earth Day Giveaways for the Customers and Employees

1. Do you know you can use this occasion to promote your brand as well? You can announce a competition for your customers where they have to share their contribution towards the cause on your wall. For all the customers who posted on your wall, don’t forget to send corporate gifts with the company logo engraved on it.

2. Plan a session or a lecture at the town hall or community hall on the various environmental problems we are facing today and encourage the teams and staff members to participate actively. During the end of the session, gift all the attendees eco friendly tote bags and request them to use the same instead of the plastic bags.

3. It is vital to instill the importance of this cause in the kids as well. So, this Earth Day, target the school kids and college students by using eco-friendly notebooks that are made from recyclable paper as the promotional giveaway. Moreover, you can contact the local schools and can host painting competitions as well.

4. Last but not the least, don’t forget to send a reminder to all your customers and urging them to make minimal use of the appliances that run on the electricity. Encourage them to plug them off when not in use. Moreover, why not send them cool beach products that would lure them out and would encourage them to spend time outside.

Earth Day is just one day that would become the talk of the past in a few hours, but the challenges the earth is facing are constantly increasing. So, on this Earth Day, let’s pledge to rejuvenate the soul of the earth and make it a beautiful place once again.


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