Exercise To Get Rid of Belly Fat Post Pregnancy


Pregnancy changes a woman completely. The bliss of giving birth to your baby and then holding him or her in your arms for the first time is the best feeling that a woman can ever feel in her lifetime. There is nothing compared to that in this world. It is true that pregnancy affects the mom in many ways and there are a lot of emotional changes that you will get to see after you give birth but that is not all.

Almost all the moms out there suffer from physical changes as well along with the emotional changes. As a woman, you will be concerned about the changes in your body shape. You would want to get back to the original shape that you had before getting pregnant. Gaining weight is much easy but getting rid of it is quite the task.


Things to consider for Healthy Pregnancy

Things to consider before starting working out

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before starting exercising and getting rid of that excess fat on your stomach and the rest of the body from overheating. Most moms use the abdominal belt to tighten the overstretched muscles while others go for both the exercise and the belt.

The key aspect to remember here is that you need to give your body to recover from the delivery or the C section. You can’t immediately start working out. According to the experts you need to give it at least six to eight weeks before hitting the gym. Always consult your doctor because each mom suffers from different conditions after birth which is why it is always better to talk to your practitioner before attempting to lose any weight or putting pressure and stress on your body.

Post Pregnancy Exercises for Stomach

Exercise To Get Rid of Belly Fat Post Pregnancy

Exercises that are going to help you get rid of that belly fat and strength you core muscle so that you can get back in shape before you know it. The thing to remember here is that it is going to take you months to get back into shape so do not give up if you don’t see results in the first few days, keeping going until you have succeeded in your mission. Let us look at some of the major exercises.

1. Basic Stretching

Go for some stretching exercises after your recovery from giving birth. They will help to tighten the overstretched muscles. Try twisting exercises for the torso and the upper body to energize and activate your muscles.

2. Pelvic Floor exercises

Your practitioner must have advised you to do some pelvic floor exercises during the pregnancy as well. They will help you maintain your pelvic shape after pregnancy as well so do 3 sets during the day to get effective results. The more you do the faster you will see the results.

3. Lower tummy exercises

You need to get back that extra tummy back in so the best way to do that is to do some daily belly exercises. Get down on the floor and rest your elbow, strengthen your core and stretch, make sure that your back is straight against the floor. Breathe in and breathe out. Pull your belly inside and stretch as much as possible and then release. Try other exercises such as the crunches and the squats to strengthen that core.

4. Bridging

Bridging exercises help you strengthen your core and the pelvic region which is the most affected part by the pregnancy. There are various bridging exercises that you can go for. Lie down on the floor and bend your knees while taking in your belly and inhaling the air. Release and exhale and get back to the original position. Repeat this several times to feel the pressure.


These are just a few exercises that have proven to be helpful in reducing the belly fat that you have gained during the nine months. If you have other exercises that have helped you then share it with us and the other moms out there. Click here to find out more informational posts for you and your baby.

We are here to provide you with the emotional and the physical help that you need to get through pregnancy and the first few years of your baby’s life. You are not alone; there are hundreds of other moms out there as well that go through the same troubles as you so don’t worry. We are here for you.


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