Check Out the Buying Guide for Water Purifier-UV/RO


The water around us is contamination because of industrial development and environmental degradation. This is the reason that we do not safe, pure and clean drinking water. With such a big problem that certainly needs a solution, one cannot neglect to have the best water purifier for the safety of children and our own selves.

There are a lot of minerals which are found naturally in water and have their own importance for our human body. Though, consuming an excess amount of such minerals can cause many diseases. This is what when a good ro plant is needed i.e. a water purifier. The finest water purifier not only removes the excess salts, bacteria particles and microbes from the impure water but also helps it to retain the essential amount of vitamins and minerals. There are so many manufacturers in the water purification industry, where it poses a challenge to identify the best and the one that meets the water purification standards.

These water purifiers range from simple to advanced water filters that use membrane for filtering the water with the UV filtration system.

Considerations before buying a water purifier for home-

  • Water type-hard or soft water- The water type and the water contamination level is the first clue which helps best in the selection of perfect water purifier. If the water at your place is hard i.e. high in TDS and salinity then in such a case RO is the best choice. Whereas, if water is soft which is the case of water sent by the municipalities, only UV protecting water purifier will do its work. Depending upon the need, the selection can be made.
  • Contamination- Talking about the contamination level, there are many small bacteria, pesticides, lead and other microbes, present in the water which is very dangerous for our health. With high microbes and contaminants, a combination of UV plus RO technology water purifier must be installed. Getting the water levels checked before installation is highly recommended.
  • The pressure of water- The new advanced technology of water purification i.e. the UV and RO filter have a membrane through which the water passes in a great pressure leaving all bacteria and excess TDS levels behind. Thus, if the water pressure at home is too slow, these might not be effective. Another way to increase the pressure of water in the ro plant is to get a pump attached to the filtration unit for boosting the water pressure.
  • Budget calculation and electricity- The budget or pocket expenses also becomes a hurdle in choosing the best water filter for home. But when deciding the future of diseases, spending a reasonable amount of money on the best water purifying technology is not a waste. On the other hand, all the water purifier with UV and RO protection works with electricity. Thus, if there is no consistency of electricity at home, then one has no option but go with activated carbon purifiers.

Call the RO service agent for water purifying problems and get the purifier optimized in your kitchen keeping in mind the kitchen space and ambiance.


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