Former “Love Island” host, Caroline Flack, passes away to suicide at 40

Caroline Flack

The renowned host and U.K Celebrity, Caroline Flack, just departed her ways from this world and left us all in unbearably terrible pain!

According to the sources, she ended herself in her home last weekend right before she was to go to the trial. The beloved TV celebrity was found dead last Saturday in her apartment in London, to which her family has confirmed to a formal statement to the British media.

As per the statement of a spokesperson, “We confirm that she passed away today on the 15th of February. We would also ask that the press should respect the privacy of the family at this immensely difficult time.”

The controversial death of Caroline Flack also caused his boyfriend and Tennis star Lewis Burton to write an emotional letter dedicated to her.

He writes, “My heart is broken we had something so special,” taking his confession further, he shares that he knows she always felt a sense of safety with him and shows regret for not being able to be still there for her.

Further, he adds – “I will be your voice, baby; I promise I will ask all the questions you wanted, and I will get all the answers. Nothing will bring you back, but I will try to make you proud every day.”

Reportedly, the case was related to an assault case she previously filed. Even her boyfriend accused her of getting him injured by an attack at their residence. She had been charged for the same while pleading for not being guilty in the case. The case has been taking severe turns since then.

Nevertheless, our prayers are with her family, and she will stay alive in our memories. We wish them all the strength.



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