How Important it is to Interact with your Children When they are Growing up


Your child passes through different phases while growing up. Right from the infancy period to adulthood they discover various emotional changes in them. Not only do they grow physically but they face mental changes as well. 

That is why it is important for the parents to accept these changes and act accordingly with their child. You must not stick to your principles and traditions always and allow them to flourish in their own way until you find they are committing some grave mistakes. 

One major problem among today’s parents is that they do not get enough time to interact with their children more. It is a common phenomenon these days as most parents are working heavy hours of the day and they seldom get time to meet their child. And results? They miss out on some healthy conversations and interactions with their children. But this must change….

How important it is to interact with your children when they are growing up

How to start the right conversions

Well, it is not so difficult to start some healthy interactions with your child if you know how to do it. Start with asking them questions like how was their day at school? Or how they are performing in their studies? Then you can shift to be friendlier with them by asking them about their friends and other informal stuff.

Do not always talk about all the formal topics like a typical parent. It’s important to understand your child well and then move on to help them learn about life and its facts so that they can deal well with theirs in the best way. 

Try to improve their IQ and make them learn more

When a child is at his or her teenage days, it means they are in their learning phase and you should never miss a chance to help them learn about stuff that improves their general knowledge.

Questions like what is the longest river in the world Or how many plants can a medical patient grow in Canada would surely help them think more and find out the answers so that it can improve their IQ.

You can ask them to solve questions from maths, science and other similar topics as that would help them in their studies as well. 

To conclude

Parenting is definitely a difficult task if you want your child to grow properly and with all the mental satisfaction. It doesn’t take minutes to have parenting issues, more so when your child is at a growing age. The teenage days are very important for the children and their respective parents as well. 

In these times, the mood swings and physical and mental changes are quite fluctuating in a child and a parent must keep up with these without being harsh or rude to them.

All these issues come to a suitable solution when you interact and communicate well with your child. All interactions surely improve the kind of affection and connection you build with your child.

So, try to take some time out from your busy schedule and sit with your child to improve your relationship.


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