How to Maintain Exposed Aggregate Driveways?


As much as interesting the exposed aggregate looks, its maintenance is as important as just installing it. A durable product right in front of your home that tackles car weights, heavy congestion and even all sorts of weathers, sounds super durable right? Although it may even be durable and tackling, nothing comes for free in this world, and so doesn’t the carefree attitude towards these exposed aggregate driveways.

Someone may have claimed that exposed aggregate driveways are maintenance-free, but the truth is everything has to be maintained a little definitely. It is a driveway material that needs to be looked at and checked after all. There are a few things you should do for your driveways to keep them going on for a good period of time.

Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Some measures you must take for the maintenance of exposed aggregate driveways

Remove Any Stains As Soon As Possible:

If by any chance there is a stain on your driveway, try cleaning it immediately as the sooner you do, the lesser amount of chemical or actually no such product will be required. With just proper cleaning with the help of water, the longevity of your exposed aggregate driveway goes on for a longer period of time.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals on The Concrete:

Using harsh chemicals to clean it or maintain it is not a good idea at all. Especially in seasons like winter where cleaning seems like a tough task, avoid using deicing chemicals as this can cause surface damage on the driveway. These chemicals contain heavy ammonium nitrates and sulfates which damage the inner portion of the concrete as well.

Use A Power Washer in Case of Oily Stains:

Dirty tire stains are tough to remove which just water at days. Try pouring water on it and then moping it, will it be removed? Not at all! Use a power washer or a water pipe and run hot water through it. This will not only protect the concrete from harsh chemicals but also the oil will release itself with the help of hot water.

Know That It’s Still A Constructive Material:

Anything constructive can also be destructive in a few moments, right? Know that no matter how durable and strong your exposed aggregate driveway is, some extra load or extra weight of a pickup van or a mini-van staying on it for a long time may lead to its destruction. Don’t put so much weight on it and rather find alternatives for it to maintain the same for a long period of time.

Check the Preparation Before Getting It Laid on The Ground:

Before installing it, make sure that all necessary preparations are done properly, as the better it is installed, the more its longevity is. Use a professional to do the work for you, they’re hired by official driveway contractors. Getting exposed aggregate driveways installed is not as same as laying basic concrete, so everything needs to be done in a proper process to avoid future hindrances.

Keep Applying Sealers Whenever Required:

A clean surface requires better maintenance. At days with harsh winds or dirty stains, the driveway gets dirty and untidy. In order to avoid its cleaning process every day, use a sealer once a while. This will maintain the material’s shine and will also avoid any hassle and trouble present in the way for you. It is better to get this work done from a professional as they know how to coat the driveway equally from all sides with the help of a sealer.

These are certain steps one must follow to keep your exposed aggregate driveways cleaned and maintained at all times. At days we’re so busy in our everyday schedules and cleaning the indoors well that we forget about the driveway. Keep following the above steps once in a while and you’re free of tension for a long period of time.


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