Music Festival Season: Building a Wardrobe to Last Through the Nights


Whether you’re going to Coachella or South by Southwest, festival fashion is much different than it was in the days of Woodstock. Your outfit is now almost as important as who’s playing and who’s hosting the festival!

While much of festival fashion has intensely bohemian roots inspired by the original, multi-day music festivals of the 60s, not everything is about flowy dresses and flowering prints.

If you’re planning on building a wardrobe that’s perfect for each day of your festival fashion, check out this breakdown of the best outfits to wear.

Since most music festivals take place during the summer, you can expect these suggestions to include plenty of warm weather favorites!

Music Festival Season

The Boho Dress

Simple, iconic, comfortable, and gorgeous, the boho dress is a staple for many women at music festivals. You can also opt for the casual boho skirt with a simple flowing top to match — just in case you can’t find a dress that speaks to you.

Whether you prefer a maxi dress or a mini piece, stick to the boho look with some of these style staples including floral patterns, flared or off the shoulder sleeves, lace accents, and a looser fit. If you’re going for the two piece look, you have a lot more flexibility to mix and match colors, prints, and fits to create the perfect first day look!

The Matching Set

Music Festival Season

The first day was all about comfort and relaxation, now you want to pump up the volume with a matching two-piece set that will keep everyone focused on you! A matching set makes it super easy to coordinate because you don’t have to worry about which top goes best with which bottom — the designer already took care of it for you.

You can find matching sets that vary between shorts and cropped tops, sports bras and leggings, as well as skirts and flirty tees. Find the set that matches your personality and go wild with unique colors and prints or keep it simple with paired textures in neutral hues.

Slinky & Sexy

Most people try to keep their festival clothing loose and comfortable to survive the hot weather and the endless dancing, but sometimes, a slinky, sexy piece is irresistible.

Best for when you want to wear two different outfits on the same day, you can show up in the morning wearing your super cute matching set and then switch it up at night with a tight, gem toned dress and wedge heels.

Keep your accessories, makeup, and jewelry down to the essentials, so that you can really show off your outfit without any distractions.

Relaxed & Casual

Music Festival Season

You might be staying just one day or you could be living it up for three, but you should always be prepared with relaxed and casual outfits as well as showstoppers to fit the occasion. A loose fitting top in your favorite color is a smart choice to pack because you can pair it with nearly any style bottom.

From jean shorts and bike shorts to flowing maxi skirts or leather minis, you can pair your basic blouse with anything. If you get a comfortable enough top, you can even wear it to bed and wake up nearly ready for the festivities the next day.

Styling Tips

Styling Tips

While choosing the styles you want to showcase is important, you also want to make sure that all your clothes look good on you. Styling tips are a great way to guarantee that each piece fits right, your mixing and matching is not clashing, and that you know exactly how to incorporate your essential accessories.

Since many festivals are all about spending the day outdoors and out of easy reach of all your stuff, a backpack or fanny pack should be at the top of your list of accessories. You might want to skip bringing a ton of jewelry and focus on one or two pieces that go well with all of your outfit.

You also want to pay close attention to the event space, so that you can bring the right type of shoes. You don’t want to spend the entire time wobbling around on stilettos through the desert!

Hats, sunglasses, and parasols are also festival essentials to keep your skin protected from the hot sun.

Final Touches

For those ladies that like to keep their legs, arms, and other areas completely hair free, it can be tough to stay smooth when you’re camping out for a festival.

Take care of yourself in advance by waxing or using a hair removing cream to ensure you’re not distracted and can enjoy the festival to the fullest. Did these tips help you figure out what to wear to your next festival? Start packing now to build the best wardrobe!


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