The Most Important Features of Project Management Software


Project managers and business owners have a lot of things they need to do. These loads can become overwhelming on busier days, necessitating the need for some kind of help. This help typically comes in the form of project management software. It can help you manage, keep an eye on, and even automate tasks that would otherwise have required a lot of time and effort. Before choosing from the many solutions in the market, however, you need to ensure the software has features that would be useful to you and your business.

Project Management Software

Project Planning and Scheduling

Managing a team becomes easier and more streamlined if everyone knows what they are expected to do. The right project management software makes it easy to assign tasks to individuals or whole teams. It also helps with adding due dates to different tasks and projects and sending notifications when work is due.

By seeing who is handling what project or task, a project manager can more easily track project progress, see what is working and what is not, and keep projects on track.

Project dashboards

Project dashboards allow business owners and project managers to see the progress of each of the projects going on. Once they start using features like task and time tracking, project managers and business owners can start to see how and where their employees are spending their time. The job management software will also report which projects are more successful than others depending on the objectives set and metrics being measured.

These project dashboards are especially useful for businesses that have a lot of people in the field. Your plumbing business might have several people in the field working on different projects. The right project and job management software for your plumbing business will give you granular visualization and data for project traction and management.

The plumbing project management software you use for your business should also allow you to export reports from different dashboards if you need physical copies.

Communication and Collaboration

Communication is an integral part of making individuals within teams, teams within departments, and departments within the business work together smoothly. Project management software that allows for the free flow of information by enabling easy communication provides businesses with tremendous value.

Collaboration is especially important when a project involves numerous people or teams. Everyone should not only be able to know what everyone else is working on, but also be able to ask for the help they require or assist other team members when they require it.

File sharing, team communication, team dashboards, and easy sharing of relevant data are all at the heart of project management tools that support property communication and collaboration.


If you are still managing projects and data using paper documents, you are missing out on the benefits of digitizing this task. Modern project management tools allow easier documentation that ensures data is accessible in one place, you have quick access wherever and whenever you need it, and all the data you are working with is safe.


Switching to project management software can save your business time, effort, and money while also streamlining your tasks and projects and keeping your customers happy.