Static Line Installation: Why It’s Important And What You Should Know About?


When it comes to creating a construction, which adheres to the safety standard, it’s important to understand that there are various measures to do the same, one of them is static line installation. These are the lifeline of construction, and you must hire the best companies to install the same. A professional company will help in installing the static line while adhering to complex Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and WH&S legislation.

Static line installation is an integral part of safety measures and falls in the category of personal protective equipment. It provides seamless attachment and works as a fall protector. Here it becomes important to mention that there is a difference between the static line and anchorage point while static lines are the entire stretch of horizontal rope (metallic) while anchorage points are just the point.

You may find several companies who are rendering these services, but when it comes to choosing the right static line installation company, it becomes important to consider the following points.

What Kind Of Static Line Installation Are They Doing?

Static Line Installation

It means that the system should be such that it works effectively in case of fall-arrest. As we have already mentioned a static line is a part of personal protective equipment, you must ask the contractor what kind of lines they are laying and how durable it is. Moreover, in case of a fall, the entire system should not put too much pressure on the structure where it is mounted as well as on the person. This parameter is important as it helps in ensuring the safety of the system.

Are They Suitable Only For The Heavy Surface Like Concrete Or Lightweight Structures As Well?

Another question that you must be asking the contractor is that the static line installation which they are doing is good enough for concrete slabs or it works well on the lightweight surfaces as well. An effective and effective stats line installation system ensures that it should not be under pressure in case of a fall. In case the system gets affected by the stress, then it can impact the structure, which is not a good sign.

Are They Weatherproof?

Since you will be installing these lines on the roof, they will be exposed to extreme weather conditions? It means that there is a probability of it getting exposed to rain, scorching heat and snow. All these can have a damaging impact on the lines. Having a weather-proof and well-coated lines ensures that the static lines will be free from all these factors and will be safe.


Static Line Installation

While choosing the static installation company, you must not forget to compare the pricing. This may vary from one contractor to another. While choosing them, you must ask about the quotation for the work, and it depends on the stretch of the line, labor charges, kind of static lines, etc. A professional contractor would easily tell you about the same.

Avail The Services Of An Experienced Company

If you want to go ahead with static line installation, it is important that you must go for an experienced company. An experienced company guarantees quality work and assures of laying a strong static line that can easily withstand extreme conditions. You can take references from your known ones or else you can also search on the internet about the static line installation company.


With the help of this system, you are assured of having a safe fall-protection system, and a professional contractor will help in laying the lines well.


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