The Top 10 Countries with the Biggest Drug Problems


The problem of drug abuse and addiction affects each and every country around the world. According to the laws of united states, the consumption of the drug is strictly prohibited. Most countries have drug-related problems, some of the problems are least significant, and some countries are facing serious drug-related problems.

But have you ever wondered in which parts of the world drug and alcohol are consumed more? Though there are many drug treatment centers people are still unaware of it or the therapies they suggest. Let’s take a view of the outlook of the most drug addicted countries in the world.

1. Iran

Iran is the country that strictly prohibits the production of drugs, but observing Iran at the top of the list is an unbearable fact. It is one of the countries with serious drug problems in the world; Addiction rates in Iran are huge compared to other countries, it has 14.32% per capita heroin use. since Iran is a “midway” point between opiate producers in Afghanistan and other markets in the Middle East and in Europe, People in Iran consumes opium which leads to a drug problem, Other factors making addiction rates worse are the country’s tough economic condition due to trade sanctions and high unemployment rates.

2. United Kingdom

In spite of being legal, alcohol abuse and addiction, the UK are one of the greatest countries in substance abuse issues. Detailed study of drug and alcohol addicts reveals that the addiction rates in the UK has 13.65% per capita of alcohol use and also surveys have shown that fifty percent of both men and women in the United Kingdom drink to overdose at least once a week. In 2015, there are around 8,000 of accidents from drunk driving, including 220 deaths. There are  595,131 people suffering from addiction in the UK less than one-fifth receive help. Out of one-fifth, 4-out-of-10 were unable to achieve their recovery program. The ‘binge drinking’ culture is a problem that shows the path for many teens or adults to get into addiction.


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3. France

France seems to be competing with the U.S. in consuming prescription pills, it exists around 13.2% per capita of Prescription Pills use. The most popular prescription pills included under top drugs of France are benzodiazepines, buprenorphine, and methadone.  Likewise, daily tobacco use is progressing and now it nearly affects 31.5% of young people while comparing with 28.9% in 2008.  It is also shocking to know that a pill which costs $5.00 USD in France is purchased for around $22.00 USD in America.

4. Slovakia

The misuse of inhalants (refers to the vapors from toxic substances which are inhaled to reach a quick high) in Slovakia is at number 4, with a surprisingly large number of abusers of this drug evident in the nation, especially higher than the general average worldwide. When it comes to inhalants abuse, Slovakia finds itself at the top of the heap, with 13.01% per capita engaging in the consuming them. From the total population of 17,050 people, 340 were estimated to be chronic inhalant consumers.

A significant number of people have died from excessive use of inhalants.

5. Russia

Russia is facing a  huge problem with intravenous drug use especially among teenagers and young adults which leads to a high rate of premature deaths of Russian adults and also it is linked to excessive alcohol consumption, where the drug of choice in Russia is alcohol with 7.1 percent per capita. Most of the Russian men who did not reach the age of 55 and died, this has caused serious drug-related problems for the country as a whole.

6. Afghanistan

Afghanistan stands in number one producer of Opium in the world. Unexpectedly, Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer of poppy the raw material for heroin. It has 6.9% per capita of Heroin consumption, after the deep study, between 2009 and 2012 have shown that at least 350,000 people are addicted to heroin, which is a surprising increase of 75% since 2005. Another upsetting statistic shows that up to 50% of opium-consuming parents also give the drug to their kids and one million Afghans are addicted to heroin, which amounts to about 8% of the overall population.

7. Canada

The use of marijuana in Canada at a rate of 6.4% per capita is something to worry about. As per reports, 44.3% of its population are consuming cannabis at least once. However, that use of pot has reduced significantly over the last decade, with the 2004 statistic where 44.5% of people in Canada have consumed pot had decreased to 39.4% by 2011. The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition had decided to decriminalize the individual consumer of marijuana and other drugs in a bid to tackle drug abuse.

8. United States

The United States is not a great producer or trafficker of pills, but it deals with countries of worst drug-related problems. The country is struggling with a prescription pill with 6.2 % per capita of the population with drug addiction. In addition, approximately 300,000 of people knowingly using the fentanyl pills in the previous year, According to Enomoto, Fentanyl is a prescription painkiller that is up to 100 times more powerful than morphine and is often linked to deadly overdoses.

9. Brazil

Brazil stands at the ninth position in consumption of oxi, in South American country the report of 4.29 % per capita consumption of the hallucinogenic substance., an extremely addictive hallucinogen. Oxi (which is also known as Rust) is a home-brew mix of multiple items including cocaine paste, gasoline, calcium oxide and kerosene that has hallucinogenic substances.

10. Mexico

Mexico’s methamphetamine dependence is one of the leading drug problems in the world. There has been a current surge in the presence of meth in the world, with the convulsive attack of methamphetamines having increased between 2010 and 2011 alone by an overwhelming 73%, 61% of which were reported by the U.S. and Mexico and the meth consumption has reached 3.9 % per capita.

Bottom line

Addicted peoples are lucky to have excellent drug rehab programs, It is important for every country to set up a drug and alcohol treatment centers where people can get help, and at the same time If you or someone you love has developed an addiction problem, contact a drug treatment centers near you.


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