8 Benefits of Using Organic Shampoo and Conditioners


Hair fall is one common problem and one of the biggest causes of hair damage is using chemical filled products. Thus, the usage of organic shampoo is highly recommended. And in this article, we will be telling you 8 main benefits of using organic shampoo and conditioners.

What is an Organic Shampoo?

Organic shampoo is a chemical free shampoo which is used to protect hair from getting damaged. The harmful chemicals like paraben and sulphate are the main causes of hair getting weak and brittle. So, it is beneficial to use paraben free and sulphate free shampoos.

Organic Shampoo

Shampoo Ingredients to Avoid

While shopping for hair care products like shampoo and conditioners, make sure to avoid products containing the following ingredients as they are the harsh chemical that can make the hair weak and brittle. However, some of the chemicals given below are commonly found in shampoos, but try and avoid those shampoos and find an organic shampoo for you.

  • Siloxanes
  • Sulphate
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
  • Mureth Sulfate
  • Paraben
  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Olefin Sulfonate
  • Mureth Sulfate
  • Derivatives of Lauryl Alcohol
  • Propylene Glycol


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Negative Effects Of Sulphates and Paraben


Sulphates are not considered as an appropriate product for hair as it can make your hair dry, flaky and can even cause hair loss. Though it is a very good product that helps the scalp to get rid of all the muck on the scalp easily, the negative part is that it also rinse out the natural oils that make the hair dry and rough which can lead to brittle and weak hair.

Sulphates are also found as a product that can cause blindness if it gets into the eye and as it is included in shampoos, there are higher chances of getting it in the eye. This is why it is imperative to use sulphate free shampoos, especially for infants, as their eyes cannot bear even a mild chemical product.

If you want to ensure that the product you are using is sulphate free then look for ingredients, if they are made of fruit or vegetable based cleansing ingredients, then you are using the right organic shampoo.


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Paraben is a chemical that has many negative impacts on our body as well as on the environment. Let’s talk about the body first. Some parabens mimic the activity of hormone estrogen which can lead to breast tumor and cancer.

If you want to make sure that you are using a paraben free shampoo then read the ingredients on the bottle of your shampoo. The ingredients should not include the names such as butylparaben, propylparaben, methylparaben, and Alkyl para hydroxy benzoates as they are all parabens.

Now, let us consider the negative effects of paraben on the environment. So, as we use paraben filled shampoos, they go directly into the sewage and gets released into the environment which makes all the water bodies toxic and harms aquatic animals.

Benefits of Using Chemical Free Shampoo

  1. Organic products contain herbal extracts, oils, and minerals that gently infuses the hair follicles and skin cells.
  2. Skin conditions such as dandruff and irritation can be treated by the usage of organic tea tree oil shampoo.
  3. An irritated scalp can be soothed by beta-glucan ingredients used in organic shampoo.
  4. To get healthy hair, organic shampoos containing aloe vera and coconut oil are very helpful as they work as a moisturizer for the scalp.
  5. An organic shea butter shampoo enhances the shine of hair.
  6. By using organic shampoo, you are in a way helping the environment, as a chemical free product goes down the drain after the usage and not harsh chemicals.
  7. Organic shampoos are non-allergic as they include all natural products which make it suitable for all skin types.
  8. Organic or herbal shampoos have a more mild and natural aroma.

So, these were the 8 benefits of using organic shampoo and conditioners.


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