Things to Know About Property Inspections That No One Tells You


So you are checking out a property that seems like your dream home, and you are going to buy it. Well, as you are going to be a homeowner by investing all your savings, you should have proper knowledge on every aspect so no one can make a fool of you. Well, on the same, here we bring you some things that you should know about property inspections.

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#1 Inspections Are Not Compulsory

Those who are going to buy the property for the first time may take inspection as a necessary step. There are always buzzes going on that makes you believe that inspections must be performed else there would be hazards. It is not like inspection should be avoided altogether, but there is no need to make it a compulsion in order to proceed the property buying because it can be possible that some homes do not need inspection because there is no major damage.

#2 It Is The Buyer’s Responsibility

Home-buyers may not be aware of this fact, but the buyer should always do the inspection. It may seem like a hassle, but in actual it is beneficial for the buyer. When you as a buyer hire a home inspector, you get a clearer and deeper analysis, as you do not compromise with choosing a quality inspector. A seller, on the other hand, tends to hire an inspector who does not charge much and give a clear report. Seller and the inspector can even agree on a settlement and do not let you know the real flaws of the property. That is why it is beneficial to hire the inspector by your side instead of the sellers.

#3 Make Sure You Hire a Certified Inspector

A certified inspector is the only entity who can observe the property’s actual condition instead of getting stunned with its outer beauty. A certified inspector holds all the necessary certifications, skills, and experiences that make him certified. A certified inspector is the best way to utilize the money you put on inspecting your property. That is why whenever you plan for an inspection make sure you hire an authentic inspector. To be even more confident, you can ask in your surroundings and get to know what his clients say.

Certified Inspector

#4 You Can and Should Attend the Inspection

Many of the new buyers stay unaware of the fact that they can attend the inspection. This is the positive side of home inspection that lets the buyer and inspector come together to check out the site. Attending with the home inspector lets you know some unknown aspects about the property you are going to buy and it gives you even more details. Visiting an inspection is always beneficial as you can clear out your queries on the way. You can also get some tips on keeping the home strong and serve you longer. Also, remember that the inspector is not responsible for any repairs and it is your job to find out a repairer as per the situation or availability.

#5 And Requesting an Inspection Report

Once you have attended the inspection, getting a written report is the next vital step. The report says the flaws that a property possesses with. It lets you see the property from the inspector’s point of view. The official report also avails you the pictures where the damage lies so you can make the required repairs. In some cases, the home inspection firm may not provide you with a written report, and in that situation, you can always ask for one. You should always have the original and a copy to present it to the seller. The report can also save you some bucks on the final property value.

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#6 You Can Even Divide the Repairs to Be Done

Once the report has arrived, you can finally present it to the seller. Once presented, you can decide who is going to complete the repairs. If you are willing to do the repair part, you can ask the seller to decrease the price of the home to an extent. In some cases, you two can divide the number of repairs. Just ask the seller if he can handle some minor repairs. This way, you can save some money on your side.

Sending the complete list of repairs to the seller may make the situation frustrated. Thus, keep in mind that every home has some minor to major repairs requirement and this is the buyer’s job to take this phase maturely.

Get To Know What Home Inspection Covers

Some necessary parts get covered whenever you conduct a home inspection. These are the parts where repairs often exist, and so quality home inspectors take care of these areas. Though every property is different, the base, however, remains the same. Here are the parts that get checked:

  • Foundation and basement
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical system
  • Heating and cooling
  • Walls, floor, and ceiling
  • Doors, windows, and their frames
  • The attic and any additional structure

What Home Inspection Services Does Not Cover?

Now some aspects may remain unchecked. It is not possible to test out every part of your home in one visit. Therefore, you can expect some areas to be left unchecked. You may have to go for more than one inspection if you want every corner to be covered. Let’s get to know what these areas are:

  • The depth of the walls
  • Roof or chimney
  • Additional structure
  • Septic tanks

It is not the case always, but some inspectors stay limited to the aspects they check for. And if this is the case, you may hire another inspector to let them check the remaining corners of the newly owned home.

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Property inspections are vital as it makes you confident about the real condition of the property. Getting to know these facts or things help you additionally if you are new to buying a property or if this is your first home. So make sure you follow all these things along and ease your journey of buying a house on sale.

Author Bio:

Jeff Backly holds a keen interest in home inspection tasks and takes it as his profession as well. He grew up learning different aspects of remodeling homes and carpentry education. His interest in home inspection makes him a perfect choice for those who are going to buy a property. In his spare time, Jeff loves to do gardening and encountering life in the soil gives him peace of mind.


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