Shared Office Space – The Solution Your Business Has Been Waiting For


All over Australia, these quaint little professional enclaves are popping up in response to a need for businesses to find suitable office space and that do so much more than simply provide workspace. While the shared office has always been a part of the business landscape, it has made work and networking so fluid that coming to the office is no longer a chore. There are other advantages to sharing space, however.

For one, the shared space plan typically lowers business overhead in places your business in high rent areas. Your business benefits from a shared plan simply because you get access to prestigious locations without having to pay high rents. One provider that offers businesses shared office space – Servcorp – is a prime example of the way in which businesses can benefit greatly from sharing space.

Shared Office Space

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why Servcorp could be the solution for your office space.

Servcorp Plans

Servcorp has a long history of providing office space to businesses. Starting out with the executive suite almost forty years ago, today’s Servcorp has reinvented itself several times over to become an outfit that can provide businesses with an array of office plans. A few of the more popular plans include, in addition to the executive suite, the virtual office, and coworking.

With the virtual office, you are given access to onsite facilities on an as-needed basis while also being given access to high-speed internet service. Then, there is the coworking space that will allow you to share office space with other professionals. In essence, both fit outs allow you to share space with other businesses while transitioning your venture into a larger space. There are other reasons, though, why your business can benefit from Servcorp.

Space To Grow

With Servcorp’s flexible leasing, your businesses can avoid the sometimes-awkward situation of having to move a whole office to another part of town. The leases are scalable so you could easily modify your plan to move into space that more appropriately fits your business’s needs. For example, a business beginning with the virtual office has two options. The first is remain in the online landscape and grow virtually, or alternatively, scale up into either an executive suite or coworking plan. The Servcorp leasing specialist can quickly arrange for your new office to be set up, and you can move in, with little-to-no downtime for your business.

Excellent Locations

Servcorp has also mastered the cost-effectiveness of providing high-quality office space in some of the most affluent CBDs while keeping costs low. If you have dreamed of owning an office near Collins or Market Streets, Servcorp can make it a reality for your business. Typically, if offices are not in the CBD, they are very close, giving your business not only a prestigious business address but also placing them smack dab in the middle of bustling business centers.

Highly-Trained Support Staff

Australia’s very diverse population demands that businesses are capable of catering to a wide range of personalities. Servcorp’s highly-trained staff can assist in making sure your clients are comfortable regardless of which group they belong to, with many support staff being bilingual. Whether we are discussing receptionists who answer calls throughout the day or IT specialist who can work on your computing needs, Servcorp’s support staff is ready to assist your company with its business needs.

A Solution For Your Business Solutions

Servcorp was one of the first businesses to recognize the changing face of the modern office. In doing so, it has been able to attract businesses of all types and statures. As one of the leading businesses in supplying office space, Servcorp can be a place where your great venture also gets its start in Australia.


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