The Warning Signs That You Need a TV Antenna Repair


Are you having trouble watching your favorite channels? It might not be the weather’s fault. You might have a problem with your antenna.

Antennas are pretty incredible, given that they give us access to the TV channels we need most without having to pay exorbitant fees each month. You can usually get the top sporting events, the news, and some popular dramas. But antennas aren’t perfect.

Because most antennas live outside, they are subject to abuse from the elements. Wondering if you need to consider TV antenna repair? Keep reading to discover the telltale signs your antenna needs to be repaired and how to do it.

TV Antenna Repair

Why It’s Still Worth Having an Antenna

Most people have moved away from cable broadcasting to streaming digital content. With many platforms available, people can choose which shows, movies, and sporting events they want and pay for select services.

But antennas still have a place when it comes to watching what matters. For example, if you don’t watch too much TV, it doesn’t make sense to pay for expensive services each month. 

If all you want is important sporting events, local news, and the occasional hit TV shows, an antenna will serve you well and save you money. Just because everyone is signing up for all the latest streaming services doesn’t mean they are right for you.

Common Signs Your Antenna Isn’t Working Properly

So how can you tell if your antenna is working properly or not? Well, you’ll just know.

For example, if your signal keeps dropping in the middle of a program, something isn’t right. You should be getting a consistent signal.

Or if channels that have previously worked are no longer coming in at all, that’s a problem. Or if your programs are blurry or otherwise have low-quality imagery, it could be time to fix your antenna.

Troubleshooting Your Antenna

There are several reasons your antenna may stop working. While many might be out of your control as a homeowner, there are still a few common issues you can probably remedy yourself. Here’s how to repair a tv antenna yourself.

Antenna Cable Gone Bad

One of the most common reasons antennas stop working is due to a bad antenna cable. This is the cable that runs from the antenna itself to your wall.

The elements, or wildlife, could destroy the cable over time. Luckily, it’s easy to replace. You’ll just need to purchase a replacement cable long enough to replace the current one.

Antenna Outlet Issues

Aside from the cable itself, the actual outlet could be causing trouble, too. It isn’t uncommon for the connector in the interior outlets to degrade or come loose. 

You may need to adjust or replace the outlet, which is easy enough for homeowners with basic electrician skills. Unknowledgeable homeowners should not tamper with outlets.

Alternatively, the cable coming from the antenna to the outlet may just need to be reconnected properly to the outlet, if it wasn’t installed optimally last time.

TV Cable Upgrade

Then, you have the cable that is attached from the television to the antenna wall outlet. Over time, this cable can form bends or tears from extended use.

If you notice that this cable looks old, has permanent creases, or holes, purchase a new cable and give that a try.

Directional Adjustment 

Of course, if you are struggling to get the channels you normally get, you may need to adjust your antenna’s direction. If you’ve experienced a storm recently, heavy wind or debris may have moved your antenna without you knowing it.

If that’s the case, try giving it some adjustments. If you get it to work, make sure to take photos of your successful position. That way, if it goes out of whack again in the future, you have a reference point to save time. 

TV Antenna Repair

Afraid to go on the roof to troubleshoot your antenna or to make adjustments? Yeah, it’s probably best left to a TV antenna repair company for safety reasons. Without skills in getting onto a roof safely, and experience walking and working on a roof, you are putting yourself in more danger than necessary.

If you’ve tried some of the easy, indoor solutions but are still lacking channels on your TV, then hire an outdoor TV antenna repair company to get up on the roof and troubleshoot or point your antenna in the right direction.

The best TV antenna repair company will know exactly how to angle your antenna for the best mix of channels that are important to you.

When to Replace Your Antenna

What happens if you’ve tried several fixes and still aren’t getting the ideal reception with your antenna? Well, if your antenna is more than a few years old, it might not be worth hiring a tv antenna repair service.

As broadcasting networks move more towards digital broadcasting, older antenna technology and TVs are becoming obsolete. If you are going to pay for a TV antenna expert to come out to your home, it might cost just as much to have them repair your old antenna as it would be to install a new one.

Unless your antenna was recently purchased, it might not be worth repairing. Upgrading to a more efficient, modern antenna is likely to get you more channels and better reception.

Having a new antenna installed by a professional technician may also come with an extended warranty, often 10 years or more. So rather than having to pay for constant fixes for your old antenna, it’s going to be more cost-effective to upgrade with a reputable antenna installer.

Have a look here at some of the top antenna installation companies. When you work with a professional, they’ll be able to recommend the best antenna for your home, your geographic location, and your desired channels.

Getting the Shows You Want

When it comes to TV, it’s important to only pay for what you want. If you don’t want all the latest bells and whistles, then don’t waste money signing up for every streaming service available. You might end up paying more than a traditional cable subscription anyway.

Antennas are still popular options for those with specific TV goals. So hire a TV antenna repair company or get a new one installed for years of viewing pleasure.

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