What to Bring on a Camping Trip: A Simple Guide


Are you planning a camping trip?

Camping is a super fun way to break routine, get away from the stresses of daily life, and spend some quality time out in nature without breaking the bank. When it comes to holidays, it doesn’t get more wholesome than this!

But, when you’re away from home and all the comforts of the modern world, you have to be prepared. There’s a long list of camping items you’re going to need, and missing out even one could mess up your getaway. 

Find out what to bring on a camping trip in our guide. 

Camping Trip

Camping Knife

A versatile knife has to be on your list of things to bring camping. This can be used for a whole range of things if it’s good enough, from cutting meat for the BBQ to sawing through wood. For a great all-arounder, take a look at this beautiful hori hori knife.

Tent or Shelter

Unless you’re planning on sleeping under the stars, you’ll need some kind of shelter! If you buy a tent, get one that’s double-layered for extra insulation and durability. Other options of shelter include a yurt, or a simple sheet tarpaulin laid out between trees.

Folding Table

A folding table is portable and versatile, making it an essential for your camping vacation. You can use it to prepare food, to eat on, and to place your tools as you create a fire or build shelter. Trust us, you’ll miss a table if you don’t bring one. 

Ground Mats

Ground mats are great for popping under your tent or on the ground of your shelter. They provide extra warmth and comfort, helping you get a good nights sleep. They’re also great for your general camping area if the ground’s wet, making them a must!

Flashlights and Lamps

When it comes to what to bring camping, don’t forget lights! While a fire will brighten your camping spot, you don’t want to have to light one every time you need to see. Bring a flashlight or two, and a couple of lamps so that your camp is always well lit. 

Cooking Equipment

A BBQ might be great, but if you’re going camping for a while you won’t want one every night – and even if you do you’ll still need other equipment to prepare your BQ foods on! Bring pans, a camping stove, chopping tables, plenty of bowls, plates, and cutlery, and clothes for washing your equipment.

Extra Blankets

Aside from your sleeping gear, it’s always wise to bring extra blankets. These are great if the day gets a little chilly or you want to sit outside in the evening without getting your sleeping blankets dirty. They can also be used as an extra ground mat or cover if the nights get cold.

What to Bring on a Camping Trip

Taking a camping trip is always fun – as long as you have all the gear! Think through your daily activities at the camp to create your own what to bring on a camping trip list. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out more on our website where we write about lifestyle, entertainment, sport, and business!


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