Top 10 Moments That Everyone Enjoys In A Relationship


Being in a relationship is always exciting. You have someone around you who cares for you more than anyone else. You have someone to hang out with. You have all sorts of amazing moments to cherish and memories to make. Yes, there is so much that you can be happy about and there is so much that you would want to enjoy.

Relationship is Worth KeepingBesides all the fun and excitement, whether you have used a love calculator to test your relationship or not, there are some moments that you can always enjoy in a relationship. They have something special about them and every couple really wants to have such great things happening to them when they’re in a relationship. Let’s check out some of these top moments.

  1. Your First One-On-One Hang Out

Yes, nothing can be more exciting as compared to bringing out all that pent-up crush energy right on your first date. This matters as much as your wedding day does when it comes to stories that you will make and would love to share over and over again.

  1. Your First Nervous, Awkward Pause Just Before The First Kiss

Yes, we all love to kiss our partner but we are all nervous about it too. However, living that moment is just as good in itself as it can ever get. And you will always remember that awkward and nervous pause and laugh about it in times to come.

  1. Your First Night Stay Together

It might happen quite a few times that you guys stay together late at night but as soon as it’s 2 a.m. you are just like putting on the pants and saying it’s time to leave. But, once you are through that and it is your first night stay together, it really is something that matters and you guys will surely love it.

  1. When Doing Nothing In The Bed Together Still Feels Amazing

Doing it the very first time makes it feel romantic and cute. But what about when you’re doing that same thing for the 90th time? However, when you’re ready to spend an entire day in that tiny square of yours and do nothing else, something special is going on for sure.

  1. The Moment When They Realization Comes That Two Can Have The Same Family (And You Don’t Have Any Issues With That)

Sometimes, people literally have the most stupid families and you can’t do much about it. So, it is always a relief to find out that your partner’s family is just as you had expected and you two can have the same family. It is always great to get along rather than feeling intimidated and awkward.

  1. When Going To Receive Your Partner At The AirPort Feels Awesome

It is often rough to spend time when you are apart but when you two are going to meet again finally, it is just as good as it can ever get. You two will be together again and you two will surely love that.

  1. Buying Your Second Toothbrush To Be Kept At Your Partner’s House

As childish as it may sound, but that’s a moment you two have to live together and you will love it for sure. You two will keep belongings at each other’s place so that you feel like home whenever you choose to stop by.

  1. When You Get Into A Fight With Your Partner, But You Know That You’d Never Want To Breakup

It is true that fighting with your partner may not be the best of things you could do. But the feeling deep inside you that you’re not going to break up with them is actually the best feeling for sure. Such fights always come with a realization that you’d go to any limits for making your relationships work.

  1. When You Exclaim ‘I Love You’ Accidentally And Want To Hear It Back From Them Too

We have never heard of people saying ‘I Love You’ and not fumbling through their conversation afterward. Whenever you declare for the first time that ‘I Love You’, you always follow it up by ‘I mean’ and stare at the partner hoping that they’d say it to you as well before punching out your nearest window and cutting the jugular with a glass shard.

  1. When You Power Through Those Hard Times Together, And It Feels A Bit Less Harder When You Have Your Special One Standing By You

You might lose one of your family members or your job or may have to go through a serious surgery, all these situations are quite stressful and hard to go through. However, when you have your partner standing beside you in such tough times, you get a great feeling from the inside and it’s a whole lot easier to get through such tough times.

Being in a relationship is always great. But it feels even better when you have it going perfectly and make memories with your loved one. You would love to live every single moment of your relationship and it will make you feel as great as ever. Even the silliest of moments that you guys will cherish together are going to make you feel amazing when you’ll recall them sometime later while sitting alone or with your partner.


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